Richmond Historic Tredegar Engagement

Today we are sharing Ann and Keston’s engagement session that we shot here in Historic Richmond at Tredegar and Belle Isle.

And luckily it was the first day in forever that wasn’t completely freezing. Having a partially sunny and mild day was really wonderful.

We shoot at Tredegar and Belle Isle all the time. We’ve been there tons of times in the last year. Belle Isle and Tredegar is one of the most popular places to do engagement sessions in Richmond.

Historic Tredegar Richmond and Belle Isle

We usually start these sessions off by going across the bridge to Belle Isle first, because it takes a little while to get there and we can just chat with our couple and get to know them a bit before shooting. But for Ann and Keston’s session Michael had the idea of switching it up and doing Tredegar first.

And I loved it. It worked out really well. Because we were able to get the light on the James River at the right time. And then we still used the building of Tredegar to block some of the harsher light earlier in the day.

One thing about their session is that she mentioned her sister had Katelyn James as her photographer. So I was just thinking, oh great.. ANOTHER wedding where our pictures are going to have to be next to Katelyn James’ photos in someone’s house.

So it was just a lot of pressure right from the start.

But they did such a good job right from the get go. I just love when couples are able to interact so naturally with each other and almost forget that we are there in the middle of a session.

Bring something to make you feel comfortable

I loved that Keston brought music along. Music and a speaker.

It was such a great way for them to be able to relax a little bit and feel more comfortable. It’s actually one of the things we include in our engagement session prep. We ask them what we could do or bring to make them feel a little bit more comfortable.. So sometimes that’s a drink or snack, and this time it was music.

And I want to tell you about their first dance, but we’re sworn to secrecy. So you’ll just have to come back in August. Enjoy a few of our many favorites. Congrats you guys!  


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