Richmond Photographer Behind the Scenes

Today we are sharing our 2021 Richmond Photographer Behind the Scenes post.

We typically do a pretty terrible job sharing us working throughout the year, so it’s a fun post to actually share thing. Laura shoots mainly with a 50mm, Michael shoots mainly with a 70-200mm, so basically our behind the scenes shots are Laura standing in front of Michael. Or getting test shots of each other.

We thought we’d share some Behind the Scenes of Michael & Laura with this Richmond Photographer Behind the Scenes post.

Behind the Scenes of us in our photography business


Michael brings the technical aspect. He has a background in photography with a degree from VCU, so he brings all the knowledge. Michael sets up all the lighting on wedding days. He also packs all our gear and purchases new equipment. All our edits are also done by Michael.


Laura does all the communication back and forth with our clients. She also culls through and chooses the images we keep from all our sessions. She also designs the albums and does all the back end things for our client management.

Heres how things really happen in our lives:

1. Laura finds an idea

2. Laura shares idea with Michael

3. Michael is 100% full committed to implementing this idea

4. Laura wavers in confidence of said idea

5. Michael makes sure we follow through in implementing the idea.

6. Laura beautifies

Richmond wedding photographers – Behind the Scenes


Michael is the ultimate hype man. He knows how to walk into a room and make someone feel really great about yourself. Offer Michael a drink, or some food and he will be your BEST FRIEND. Finally, he WILL dance at your reception.


Laura does all the details on the wedding day. All the flat lays and styling is from her. She had the vision behind to make the shot happen. Your timeline and flow of the wedding day is also from her, she is the one who keeps everything in time (including me). Finally, she leads all the bride and groom portraits.

Richmond Photographer Behind the Scenes


Michael was born in England and grew up in Kenya. He is a huge fan of soccer and is a major Manchester United supporter and plays for a team here in Richmond. He is also completely obsessed with beer – brewing his own beer and try out new beers. The kid also loves a pun – he took dad jokes on hard.. please share a pun with him, he will love it.


Laura was born and raised here in Richmond, but has actually traveled to more countries than I have. The second thing is she serves other people really well and used to be an elementary school teacher. Finally, she love bread. Like really, really loves bread. Bagels are her favorite food.


So there’s the behind the scenes about us; Richmond Photographer Behind the Scenes. If you want to know us even better, follow along on instagram @MichaelAndLauraPhotography.


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