Historic Tredegar Winter Engagement

Today we are sharing Rachel and Hunter’s Historic Tredegar winter engagement session that we shot here in Richmond at the historic Tredegar building downtown. 

I almost said Tredegar and Belle Isle but it was just Tredegar this time. Almost 100% of the time that we should here, we also go to Belle Isle because they’re right next to each other. But we actually just stayed around the historic Tredegar building which was really fun. Because we had to be creative and find variety in a small amount of space rather than just defaulting to what we normally do – which is always fun.

Rachel and Hunter are using this sort of rust color in their wedding planning. So they liked the idea of staying around the brick. It was going to tie that color in and be cohesive for their wedding planning

Historic Tredegar is a Favorite

Both of our 2022 Tredegar engagement shoots, we’ve done something different.  The last time we were here earlier in the year, we swapped and did Tredegar first and then went to Belle Isle which is different than what we typically do too. And honestly it was a little dead on Belle Isle. They had cut down the field we love so much, and the James River was crazy high with big rapids… Not ideal. We told that to Rachel and she was totally fine with just staying around the Tredegar area instead of using the time to go across the bridge to Belle Isle.

So instead we actually used a field on top of Tredegar that I think turned out really well and this brick wall to have them sit in front of which was another thing we don’t normally do.

Rachel is actually a good friend of mine from my past days as a teacher. She was in the classroom next to mine and was just my person for the years that we were at the same school together. So it’s just so exciting to see her doing really well and so happy with Hunter. Hunter good job putting that smile on her face.  

Smiley Couples! – Historic Tredegar Winter Engagement

Hunter is the smiliest.

I’ll say this till my dying day – our couples are so wonderful. Our grooms always show up for engagement sessions. We hear horror stories about grooms that are just so bitter about being there and make it miserable for everyone. And we never have that. Our grooms always show up. Even if they aren’t super excited about having a picture taken they try to make the best of it for their bride. And it is just such a wonderful thing to be a part of. 

Hunter was that and beyond. 

I could talk about them forever but I won’t. Feel free to take a look at some of our favorites from their Historic Tredegar winter engagement session. Congrats you guys! 

Want to see more from Historic Tredegar? Here’s another recent engagement session!

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