Maymont Park Spring Engagement

Today we are sharing Wendi and Chris’s Maymont Park spring engagement session that we shot recently here in Richmond.

They brought their dogs for part of it. I said on Instagram that I would show the dogs and then didn’t.. so here they are. 

Michael always does are behind the scenes on Instagram because frankly I get way too caught up in shooting and totally forgot to take any video. Luckily Michael remembers. 

Dogs at engagement sessions

Typically how we do pets at an engagement session is like this. We recommend that people have someone come and drop the dogs off for the very last part of your session maybe for like 15 to 20 minutes. It can be a lot to have them at the beginning of the session. You’re still getting warmed up and comfortable in front of our cameras so it makes everything a lot easier to have someone tagalong or just show up at the very end with the dogs.

Wendi and Chris had Chris’s parents come and drop their dogs off towards the end of our session. Which worked out perfectly because Maymont right now closes at about seven which is about an hour before sunset. 

We like to shoot all the way up to sunset to get the best light, so we had to leave Maymont anyways. And Maymont doesn’t allow dogs inside. So it was a perfect combination of having to leave anyways because Maymont was closing but also to be able to have the dogs at the shoot.

So when you see those pictures with the dogs, that’s not actually inside the park at Maymont, it’s just outside. 

Variety for Maymont park spring engagement session

Maymont has been really busy because it is the perfect time to go to the park. The weather is beautiful and all the flowers are in bloom. 

Right next to the fountain at Maymont was my favorite spot. Maymont is huge and has so many beautiful spots but we stayed in like the first 100 feet. And there’s so much variety right there. And since we only had about an hour until Maymont closed we really wanted to be as efficient as possible and not spend our time walking around.

I thought you were going to say the best part was Wendi’s laugh. She could just laugh perfectly on cue and it felt so natural. 

Sometimes we will have our couple whisper something in the other persons ear but Chris didn’t need to do that. In fact Chris didn’t do that. And it didn’t matter because her laugh was so beautiful. 

Their engagement shoot was exactly a year before their wedding – which is so fun. I’m really excited for their wedding day because Wendi got a suite at the Jefferson to get ready – and I’m so excited to shoot there. 

Wendi and Chris were absolutely fantastic.  They were an absolute blast to photograph.  Enjoy a few of our many favorites from their engagement shoot at Maymont. 

Congrats you guys! 

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