Castle Hill Charlottesville Engagement Session

Hey friends today we are sharing Kaitlyn and Joe’s Castle Hill Charlottesville engagement session. 

Minus the amount of wind, and it was an amazing amount of wind. 

Castle Hill is just north of Charlottesville. It is one of the most beautiful venues. 

Castle Hill Cider in Charlottesville

When we are shooting out of town we always try to arrive quite a bit early in case there’s traffic or some thing that might delay us. And arriving early to Castle Hill was fantastic because we just got a flight of cider and a panini flight. 

And then we also got a bottle of cider for when Caitlin and Joe showed up and we walked around for the engagement session with cider.  So basically best engagement location ever.

Kaitlyn and Joe were just amazing. I think Joe was a little bit nervous and probably glad that he had the cider. But he did such a good job. But they had nothing to worry about. 

The wind – Castle Hill Charlottesville Engagement

They were so sweet with their interactions and so fun to photograph. And not even really that bothered with the crazy amount of wind.

I would say it was easily 20 to 30 mile an hour winds. I couldn’t even post on Insta stories at some point because it was so windy.

Even with having to take a break for the wind and pausing to fix hair, or sleeves, or whatever it was still such an amazing session. The view at Castle Hill cidery is incredible with the rolling hills and beautiful white fence.

Then we stopped on the way out at this beautiful gate that was lined with hydrangea.  It was the perfect way to end the session. 

It’s such a good variety at the session. Castle Hill has a beautiful white building. We were able to take pictures with all the rolling hills and open fields. 

We were also battling a crazy bright day because we shot a little earlier than we typically do, but despite all of that.. we just loved this session. And loved being able to spend extra time with Kaitlyn and Joe. 

Sitting on a fence – Castle Hill

We just love when our couples are down to do anything during the shoot. Like sitting on a fence?

Yes, and it’s just so fun when clients are open to trying anything for a picture. 

We spent most of the time in their first outfit. They said that they liked the first outfit best, but that second outfit was definitely my favorite. It was such a pretty dress. It was from Baltic born.. and was gorgeous.

Kaitlyn’s ring was my favorite ring to date. It was gorgeous. It was really unique without being weird.  This was so simple and beautiful. 

Enjoy a few of our favorites from Kaitlyn and Joe’s Castle Hill Cidery engagement session. 


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