Monument Avenue Richmond engagement

Today we are sharing Kelly and Brian’s Monument Avenue Richmond engagement session that we shot downtown in the fan District starting at the branch museum.

Favorite day… ever. 

Here’s why. They walked up with Chick-fil-A. what is the start to the perfect evening. 

True story though Kelly and Brian are those people who you meet them and instantly want to be best friends with them. They are both so friendly and have such an essence about them that makes you want to spend more time with them. 

Forget the Chick-fil-A. She walked up and asked you about your new backpack. She’s someone who follows us and cares.. they both are.

The whole time they were just insanely adorable.

They asked about Niles.. and the chickens. 

We share our lives on Instagram for this exact purpose. 

People will sometimes come up to us and say hey I’m kind of embarrassed but I already know the project that you’re working on at your house.. And we’re like that’s exactly why we shared it! We want you to know. Thank you for following us.. watching and commenting. 

Kelly and Brian walked up and brought us Chick-fil-A lemonade and cookies. Which is like our favorite thing on the menu. She commented on my new backpack which was awesome. I made a reel about it by the way.

We are saying all this because he used to live in Atlanta where the Chick-fil-A headquarters are because they work for Chick-fil-A corporate.

We’re in Richmond this week doing all of their wedding planning and putting together all of their details.  They are getting married at Upper Shirley here in Virginia. So they came to do a tasting, and a cake tasting, and touring the venue. 

So we tacked on doing their engagement session and it was just so lovely spending time with them.

They were unbelievably fun but also we shot somewhere that we hadn’t been in a while which is always fun for us.

Monument Avenue Richmond engagement Session

We started at the Branch Museum which is a gorgeous building in downtown Richmond.  Is an architecture museum and a beautiful brick building in the Fan District of Richmond.  It’s on Monument Avenue so we went into the median of Monument Avenue to take some pictures there and just walked around on the sidewalks and borrowed a few peoples front yards.

Great thing about branch museum is that it’s in the city but it has great natural light with a beautiful garden in the back.. where we were able to do a little Chick-fil-A picnic. 

This is another situation where we spent like 90% of the time in their first outfit. I really need to start telling people to wear their favorite outfit first. I get too distracted and excited and just keep shooting and forget to let them change.

I’m not mad about it though because their first outfit was gorgeous. Another Baltic Born dress. It’s my new favorite place for people to get their engagement session outfits.

Guys.. wear a jacket. And he had great shoes. Shoes are such an overlooked part of an outfit and a tailored jacket makes you look so much more put together.

You guys looked good! 

Go take a look for yourself.  Here are a few of our many favorites from their Monument Avenue Richmond engagement session.  Congrats you guys! 

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