Grayson & Dillon | Engaged!

Did y’all know I’m an elementary school teacher?  Some people are surprised when we tell them that since I don’t share it a ton on social media.  Michael does this photography thing full time, but I balance it between working at my elementary school.

I graduated from CNU’s master’s program and had the most wonderful student teaching experience because of my incredible cooperating teacher, Amy.  She was a saint and an incredible mentor and I’m so grateful for how she let me take over her classroom.. probably mess a few things up.. and help mold me into someone who was ready to go in everyday and work in an incredibly challenging field.

After a few years of teaching, I was asked to take on a student teacher of my own.  I was incredible hesitate and went back and forth a lot before deciding to go for it.  I knew I could never live up to Amy, and was worried someone would come in with a very different teaching style than mine and hurt the relationships I’d spent the year building with my students.  My students are “my kids” and every year I take them on like they are mine own.. and frankly I was anxious to let someone else take over.

Enter Grayson.  She was everything I dreamed of having in my classroom.. and I loved watching her grow each day into a more and more incredible teacher… one who loved my kids as fiercely as I did.  I quickly learned that is who Grayson is.. she takes things on with her whole heart and cares deeply for those around her.  I am so grateful Grayson walked through my doorway that day.. I was over the moon when I found out that her long time boyfriend, Dillon had proposed!.. and completely honored when she asked if Michael and I would shoot their wedding.

A few weeks ago, Grayson and Dillon took the trek to Richmond from their small town and met us at Belle Isle.. which turned out to be a great spot for us.  We had a lot of catching up to do, and Belle Isle requires quite a bit of walking to get to and find the perfect locations.. which we spent chatting about our classes and hearing a little more about wedding planning.  Grayson’s sweet momma (also an elementary school teacher!) even came along so we could take a few with their dogs!  We adored this session.. honestly.. mostly because we got to see Grayson (and I finally got to meet Dillon after hearing so much about him!), but we also walked away with some of our favorite pictures to date.

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