Maymont Park Engagement Pictures

Today we are sharing Sarah and Ben’s Maymont Park Engagement pictures session. 

These two don’t live in Richmond, but they were coming into town to do a couple of wedding things. They also had their engagement party. So we decided to schedule your engagement session at the same time they would be in town.

It didn’t look like it was going to be the best weather day for when we scheduled the session, but because they were only in town for a few days we decided we should go ahead and do it. 

And honestly it ended up being a great decision. Photographers love overcast days because it creates a kind of natural reflector of the light allowing you to shoot in really any location without harsh shadows or crazy sun flares. But the added benefit is that they chose to do their engagement session at Maymont, which is an insanely popular park here in Richmond.

We were actually there about a week before on a beautiful Saturday and it was so packed with people that it was hard to even find locations where they weren’t going to be a ton of other people around – and this is a 100 acre park! But for Sarah and Ben’s session, I think we saw like two other people.

We actually started our session and it was sprinkling – but it didn’t rain a drop for the full rest of the session. 

Also, Maymont closes at 7pm which makes it really tricky to get the best light at Maymont in summer months. So we were initially planning to use a second location. But it ended up being so great a Maymont that we just stayed there the whole time. 

I also want to say that I loved Sarah’s second outfit. They both looked fantastic. I think that often couples tell us that they aren’t quite as comfortable in the more formal outfit. Or that we wouldn’t normally find them wearing something like that. But I’ll tell you that Michael and I are sitting here wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt and that’s what you would normally find us in. 

Engagement sessions are dun because it’s like a special occasion where you can sort of dress up and show off. That’s why we like doing two outfits for an engagement session. One that we could sort of normally find you wearing, and the other that’s more of an elevated look.

Sarah and Ben were so much fun to hang out with – we can’t wait for their wedding day. But for now, enjoy a few from their Maymont Park Engagement pictures session. 

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