Amber Grove Rainy Richmond Wedding

Today we are sharing Emily and Andrew’s Amber Grove rainy Richmond wedding.

The weather app didn’t say it was raining – but we were still getting wet. You know that kind of rain? Where is more like a mist machine at an amusement park rather than real rain. It sort of came and went all day long. 

Most of the item, even if it rains on the wedding day, there are some points of the day were we can run outside and get portraits. And for Emily and Andrew, they still had a ton of portrait times outdoors. Really we didn’t even need to use our “rain plans” we had come up with. 

Amber Grove has an indoor ceremony location of a rustic barn. Emily and Andrew wanted to get married outside at the large tree on the property. It’s always a little sad when a couple has to use their Plan B option. It’s not why you picked the venue, it’s not what you’ve been dreaming of for over a year for most people. 

So we were really thrilled for them when it looked like the rain was going to stop for long enough for them to do their ceremony outdoors. It did start raining during the processional – all the guests had umbrellas up while she was walking down the aisle. But then, right when she got to the front, one by one the umbrellas started coming down. And it cleared out perfectly for their ceremony. 

It was honestly just like a scene out of a movie. Just magical timing. 

Amber Grove wedding in the rain

Jumping back to their portrait time they did decide to do a first look. First looks make a huge difference when you are confronted with a rainy wedding day. It makes it easier to be able to adjust and work with the weather. 

And then we did their bridal party which definitely deserves a huge shout out. This group of people was just absolutely amazing – every single one of was just so kind and so fun. 

I really shouldn’t be that surprised. Emily and Andrew are such incredible people. They are both unbelievably kind and were such a pleasure to work with. And honestly were just a treat to watch them interacting together. They make such an adorable couple. 

They spent the first few minutes of the first look just talking. He was so cute when he turned around and saw her. He just couldn’t stop laughing just absolutely in disbelief and couldn’t compose himself. It was such a sweet reaction.

After the ceremony and the family portraits we took a few more of them with umbrellas. A little proof they got married in the rain. Any bride and groom that had to brave terrible weather deserve the photo to prove it! 

Amber Grove wedding reception

The reception was such an amazing party. Everyone was SO much fun. Her grandmother was on the dance floor the ENTIRE night. I was honestly shocked. I want to be her when I grow up. 

Also – she had the best outfit change. Emily’s second dress was SO cute and so much fun. We did a faux exit and she changed beforehand. Then we followed her back to the dance floor so we could get a couple more with her in the other dress. 

I love an outfit change. Guests love it – it makes it so much more fun and comfortable. 

This was an amazing wedding day. Such a good example of if you have a great attitude your rainy wedding day can still be amazing and magical. 

Enjoy a few of our many favorites from this Amber Grove rainy Richmond wedding.

Congrats you guys! 

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