Maymont Park Spring Engagement

Today we are sharing Laura and Bryce Maymont Park spring engagement session that we just got here in Richmond. And I guess we will add that we finished up at Byrd Park for just a few minutes. 

Maymont is an amazing spot for an engagement session because no matter what time of year it is, you can find somewhere beautiful photograph. We are still in early spring so not everything is in full bloom, like some of the trees are still bare, but you can still find places with beautiful color that looks very spring like at Maymont.

But Bryce asked us a couple of times “so you guys are here a lot”? And yes we are at Maymont all the time so we kind of know the spot that we like to go to a different times of the year. Or if it’s really busy on a certain day like it was for Laura and Bryce’s engagement session. We just have these pockets that we know we like to go to.

One of my favorite spots to go to an early spring is on the other side of Maymont mansion. There are just a few trees that bloom super early so everything looks bright and green and full of color. It’s great because there’s a beautiful past there and it’s quiet so it’s a nice place to start. 

Engagement session reminders

It’s a good place to warm up though Laura and Bryce didn’t really need any warming up. I feel like a couples recently have been hysterical because we start photographing them and tell them how photogenic they are and they kind of laugh at us. But just scroll below and take a look at this couple and tell me that they do not take amazing pictures.

So not only were there so easy to take photos of, they were also incredibly fun. I also feel like so much of your engagement session is just trying to remember that we are just hanging out. The whole point of this is just to be able to get to know each other and get comfortable before the wedding day. 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy being around your soon to be spouse. Just lean into “it might be a little bit awkward but we are just going to have a good night.” 

Spring engagement outfits

It didn’t hurt that it was the perfect spring day. The weather was ideal, the light was beautiful.

Their outfits were so perfect. The first outfit was exactly what I want out of a semi formal outfit. She had a gorgeous dress on and he wore a nice jacket. They looked great.

And the second outfit was so perfect. I always ask at the beginning of the session – is there one outfit that is their favorite – and she said she like the first outfit better. But she walked up in that second dress and I was like “this is the second favorite”?! She looked absolutely amazing

Maymont Park spring engagement timing

So the tricky thing about photographing at Maymont at this time of year, is that it actually closes before sunset. We always push the closing time a little bit so that we are some of the last people out. We have a couple of places right next to the gates that we love, so that they know we are on the way out, and we just make sure we aren’t the last to leave.

So as we were walking out we are talking about how originally we were going to take a couple of more outside of the gate. Because of the early closing time of Maymont, there are a couple of close by locations that we go to to finish off sessions so we can shoot until sunset. 

Maymont Park engagement – second location

But I looked at Michael and thought I’ve already filled a card, we’ve taken so many pictures. They’ve been so cute – am I really going to make them go to another spot? 

And as we were talking about that Bryce says let’s go ahead and go to another spot. Which he started the session not super excited about taking pictures and ended the session having fun. And that is literally all we are going for during your engagement session – so we ended very happy.

Enjoy some of our favorites from this Maymont Park spring engagement session.

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