Agecroft Hall Richmond Engagement

Today we are sharing Delaney and Austin’s Agecroft Hall Richmond engagement session that we just shot here in Richmond at a new-to-us location, Agecroft Hall and Gardens

Agecroft Hall & Gardens is a majestic Tudor mansion built in the late 15th Century in England and brought to Richmond, Virginia piece by piece.

It’s next door to the Virginia House, which I feel like we see used a lot for sessions, but Agecroft is just next door and is just as gorgeous.  

Michael loves a Tudor style house, so I think that influences why he loves Agecroft so much, but it really was beautiful. 

It was gorgeous from the parking lot.  But they also had beautiful courtyards, fields that open up to the river, an amazing patio space.  

Apparently Agecroft was brought over from England and rebuild here like a hundred years ago, which is just incredible to think about. It was a beautiful location and a wonderful couple.  There were also so many different options for where we could take portraits there.  Endless opportunities. 

Agecroft Hall and Gardens engagement session

Delaney was so sweet. I asked her how wedding planning was going and if we could help with anything and she said basically “I think I’m good”. From the first conversation we had with her, she came off as such a good decision maker. She just knows what she wants and goes for it. 

But even with that, we asked them since they’d been there before, were there places they wanted to go specifically for their pictures. But she said she trusted us and we could just decided. 

And I just love that balance. It’s such a good place for a vendor to be to have a couple who makes decisions and knows what they want, but would also allow you to creative freedom to take control. 

We started out in the back, with the overview of the river.  Then we walked around the property a bit more and used the beautiful courtyard. Afterwards, they changed into their second outfit and we used the building a bit more.  We used the building, the patio, and a beautiful pergula.  

It actually started raining and got quite dark at the end of the session, but they were such troopers and let us keep going.  

It was amazing and we loved it – hope you enjoy some of our many favorites from this Agecroft Hall Richmond engagement. 

Congratulations you guys! 

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