Maymont Park Richmond Virginia Engagement

Today we are sharing Casey and Dalton’s Maymont Park Richmond, Virginia engagement session that we just shot here in Richmond at Maymont Park.

I feel like we’ve been at Maymont a lot lately, and I don’t hate it.  We love Maymont Park in Richmond because there is so much variety and diversity in location options.  But also we definitely have our favorite spots that we love to shoot.  So if you compare this engagement session, and our last one, you’ll definitely notice some similarities.  

But it’s also cool because other photographers have different favorite locations which makes shooting there nice because you’re rarely stepping on another photographer’s toes.  It’s not like at Libby Hill where you might have to wait to use “the spot”. There are so many options. 

Casey and Dalton met us at Maymont, and we actually started at a different location that we usually use.  They met us at the Mansion (which was probably my fault).  There are three different entrances to the park. So, I always try to be super specific, but I guess I need to work on my wording there. 

But they were so sweet about it!  I honestly don’t know how we keep getting so lucky with our clients. But we were definitely walking away wondering if they would be our friends.  They are so nice and were so much fun to hang out with. 

Which is all we really want out of an engagement session. Sure we want to be able to take some good portraits but also just be able to have a good time with each other. I feel like one of the main reasons to do an engagement session is just to be able to get to know your photographer. You were with your photographers for so much of the wedding day.  So it’s nice to be able to have a chance to get comfortable with them before they show up on the wedding day. 

We love that the engagement session provides the opportunity to be comfortable in front of our cameras, but also comfortable with us. 

Enjoy a few of our many favorites from this Maymont Park Richmond, Virginia engagement session.  Congratulations you guys! 



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