The Foundry Tredegar Summer Wedding Richmond

Today we are sharing Lauren and Josh’s The Foundry Tredegar summer wedding day that we shot this past weekend here in Richmond at the Foundry at Tredegar. 

We are at The Foundry quite often. We do engagement sessions in the Tredegar area all of the time and have weddings here a few times throughout the year so we aren’t going to focus on the Foundry but you can look at a few other blog posts we’ve done below. 

 Emma & Tom’s Wedding at the Foundry

Rachel & Hunter’s Engagement Session at Tredegar

Instead we’re going to focus on Lauren + Josh and the amazing team of venders that we got to work with for this wedding day.

Bryce Carson – Roberts & Co.

One reason we go to Tredegar a lot is because of the one and only Bryce Carson. We have the insane privilege of working with this incredible human/planner a couple of time throughout the year and it’s always the best day. He is so organized and detailed oriented – wedding days with Bryce are always so well run. 

Even Lauren and Josh’s friends and family were commenting throughout the day about how fantastic Bryce is. 

I feel like when we work with Bryce we often have terrible weather. And it was supposed to storm on Lauren and Josh’s wedding day but the rain actually held off. It was still pretty hot but Lauren and Josh were such troopers as was their entire bridal party.

A couple other vendors they used that we love.  Heads up Penny was their band and I think they always do an amazing job.  Wedding bands are so fun.  Sugar and Salt bakery.. SO GOOD.  There was a beautiful cake and a cookie table.  And their cookies are the BEST.  Cookies are the best wedding dessert because they are portable!  You can take them to the dance floor. 

Amazing team of vendors

Also Erica from Black Creek Floral did an amazing job.  Her flowers are always so gorgeous. And actually I think she was out of town for this wedding, so it was actually an assistant doing all the arrangements and they were still remarkable. 

Not to overshadow the amazingness that is Lauren and Josh. They are such sweet and down to earth people. Their party was SO fun.. and their family and bridal party were the best. 

I also think it’s funny that their wedding was on a holiday weekend. Because we also did their engagement session on a holiday weekend. Last Thanksgiving weekend we travel to old town Alexandria for their engagement session and the traffic was absolutely insane. So I was excited that they had to travel to us this Fourth of July holiday weekend haha! 

So here are three things that you should steal from Lauren and Josh’s wedding if you were planning your own.

1 – Party Props as an Exit idea – The Foundry Tredegar Summer Wedding

They brought out some reception props for the last hour of the wedding. We always think that this is a fun way to rejuvenate the dance party. See here for Wendi and Chris’s wedding. But Lauren and Josh also used those props for their exit. They used the large foam glow sticks during dancing but then took them outside for the exit as well. So really smart to use it as a dual purpose.

2 – Airplane Bottles on the welcome table 

I can’t believe that we haven’t seen this before. But add some airplane bottles to your welcome table at the ceremony. Often we will see a table with water or lemonade, tea.. that kind of thing. But Lauren and Josh also added a tray of airplane bottles of vodka and bourbon. It was a hit and it must’ve been so easy to do. But also a great “let’s get this party started” moment.  Definitely a great detail for guests. A great alternative to a champagne welcome on a really hot day. 

3 – Incorporate small family traditions – The Foundry Tredegar Summer Wedding

Lauren had a penny in her shoe that her older sister and her mom also had on their wedding days. 

In Victorian England, the bride was given a sixpence coin to put in her shoe for good luck. Carrying the coin into her wedding day was thought to attract wealth and it was believed to be most effective if it was placed in the shoe by her father.”

She also had the same pastor marry them that her parents had. I just think it’s so sweet when you take time to incorporate things that are really personal to you into the wedding day. It doesn’t need to be this big overdone thing it could be a few little touches that make it really unique to you.

Enjoy a few of them any favorites from this wedding day. Love you guys!

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