First Landing Virginia Beach Engagement

This location was so fun and this couple was the most laid back/gorgeous and fun loving. We just shot this First Landing Virginia beach engagement session at this beautiful state park. They are known for the Spanish moss that is everywhere everywhere and a gorgeous waterfront.

Kelly and Matt were such a fun couple to work with. Kelly is super type A and had pretty much her entire wedding planned within the first week of being engaged. I mean she booked us before she even had her venue. And this was the first time we were able to talk with Matt and he is just the perfect counterbalance to Kelly.

We love engagement sessions for this reason. It’s just so nice to be able to spend a little bit of time with our couples before the wedding day so we can get a chance to get to know them and see how they interact together.

First Landing State Park

So we showed up at First Landing and after parking in like 8 different parking spots we met up with Kelly and Matt and walked down a long path to get to where the majority of the Spanish moss was. We got to a part of the path where the water had risen over the path. Matt was a little hesitant, but Kelly very confidently crossed it using a fallen log in her heels. We kept walking with the goal of getting to a bridge, and there was more water in the path. But Matt put his foot down and said we are not crossing over that, and Kelly seceded.

So we shot a few right there, in just the most beautiful setting. And on the way back Kelly saw a large tree that had fallen over into the water and Kelly asked if we could take a picture on that. Michael lives for these moments where clients ask to do crazy things. So he went out on the tree first to test to make sure Kelly and Matt could go up with no problem. Then, Kelly and Matt walked out on this tree in the middle of the water. They were just so fun the whole time and up for anything.

Spanish Moss and Beach Sunset

There was Spanish moss everywhere the whole time. As we first started walking at the beginning of the session we saw a tiny bit of the Spanish moss, and I just freaked out at how exciting and beautiful it was. But then we kept walking and it really was just everywhere. It was so cool to see all of this Spanish moss in Virginia Beach. I felt like we were in Charleston or something.

So after they walked on a tree in the middle of the water, we did an outfit change and took the rest out on the beach as the sun was setting. What I thought was so sweet is that where we did this second half of the session is right where Matt proposed to Kelly. They lived nearby and had taken their boat out to that waterfront and he proposed.

Enjoy a few of our many many favorites from this First Landing Virginia Beach engagement session.

Congratulations to you two!

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