Pony Pasture Richmond Engagement

Today, we are sharing Cassi and Matthew’s VMFA and Pony Pasture Richmond engagement session.

Cassi and Matthew booked a while ago. I do feel like a lot of our couples are choosing to do engagement sessions right away, even if their engagement session isn’t for a while.

It was so lovely getting to meet them. They are such lovely people. We have an engagement session questionnaire that we sent out before our sessions. And I think Cassi and Matthew’s is a favorite to date.

Did you read it? I think I cried. They are SO CUTE. In it we have them write a little bit about each other and why they love each other and other session I asked if it was their vows.

You could just tell from these couple of sentences that they loved each other so deeply.

They aren’t going to say their own vows at their ceremony. But I’m trying to convince them to do it at the first look or something. I mean, they’ve already written it.

They were like that the whole session. Very loving and casual with each other. They are definitely “our people”.

VMFA Richmond Engagement

Started at the VMFA, which was the location of their first date. Then the second location is where he proposed. Which was pony pasture. And we haven’t shot there.. at least in a long time. We’ve done lots of river shoot in Richmond.

We shoot at the VMFA all the time, but this time we found some new locations. This time, we went to the front of the building and it was so much fun. It’s so fun trying to find new locations.

Pony Pasture Richmond Engagement

And then we headed over to Pony Pasture to shoot on the James River. And it was lovely because it was such a beautiful day we all ended up taking our shoes off and getting in the river a little bit.

They were definitely up for anything the entire time. They said again and again “Yeah – just tell us what you want” “anything to get the shot”.

There were so many personal details, I can’t wait for the wedding day.

I think my favorite part of their session was that they choose locations that were personal to them. It’s always so nice when couples make their engagement sessions meaningful to them.

Enjoy a few of our many favorites from this Pony Pasture, VMFA Richmond engagement session.

Congrats you guys!



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