Maymont Park & Fan District Engagement


OK we are sharing Allison and Tyler’s engagement session that we just shot here in Richmond at Maymont Park and then finished on Monument Avenue in the historic Fan District front of “the blue house.”

We’ve been shooting at Maymont a ton this summer because it’s such a great location when you want a ton of variety but don’t want to have to travel too far.  There is a lot of variety in a small space. 

Allison and Tyler got engaged one year from their engagement session and are getting married in exactly one year from this session.  It’s like little anniversaries. 

I feel like throughout the entire session and I just kept learning these adorable facts about these two. Like that they met in middle school. Or that they are moving into Tyler’s family home after they get married. 

So many little things made us think.. oh man, y’all are the cutest humans. 

Walked up to their shoot and we immediately knew that we were going to have so much fun with them. They were so smiley and had adorable outfits. Tyler was smiling so big the entire time and we just love it when grooms have big smiles.

I loved that while we were shooting every couple of minutes Alison stopped and said “this is fun!”.

They were so peppy and so fun. Their wedding is going to be an absolute blast.

Choosing Richmond engagement session locations

Originally Alison wanted to do a full engagement shoot. But she decided that along time ago and then emailed us and said they were getting antsy and wanted to go ahead and do it. So instead of us traveling to them like we had originally planned for the fall, they decided to meet us in Richmond. 

Since they don’t know Richmond super well we sent them a few of our favorite locations to shoot. I decided to make a whole weekend out of it and got a hotel and went out to dinner which I think is so fun. And they picked Maymont. Which means that they actually had to pick a second location because in the summer, Maymont closes at 7 PM so we always have a couples choose a second location to go to after the park closes.  But instead of picking Allison was like, “how about you just choose wherever you want us to go”. So we decided to go to Monument Avenue and we ended our session there.

Monument Avenue – Maymont Fan District Engagement

If you have seen a session on Monument Avenue you have probably seen this house featured. It’s just so photogenic and we love it and other photographers love it. We call the blue house but really it’s just the garage door and the front door that are blue the whole thing as white or kind of creamy.

It’s a great location on Monument Avenue where it’s usually not too busy and you can get the beautiful tree-lined center of the street without anything in the way.  You can get a beautiful symmetrical photo there. 

Enjoy your few of our favorites from this adorable session with Allison and Tyler. 

Congrats you guys!



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