Scoop RVA Engagement

Today we are sharing Ashton and Clay’s Scoop RVA engagement session that we just shot here in Richmond at Maymont park and finished somewhere really fun.

So we met Ashton and Clay at the front of Maymont Park and they actually brought their dog. Ops.

We have a blurb we usually send about bringing dogs to engagement sessions – but we didn’t know they were going to bring their dog.  So we took a few quickly right at the very front.

Maymont was completely empty last Thursday. There were like six cars in the parking lot.. maybe six… We actually thought it might be closed until we got to the gates.

Their dog is so cute. They brought their five month old white lab named Lucy, and she was adorable with so much energy.

Normally we suggest that people bring dogs to the very end of their engagement session so they have a chance to warm up and get comfortable with us. But since we didn’t know, they had to jump straight into it. Which ended up not being a problem because they were also adorable.

Their best man actually came with them so that he could take Lucy back to their apartment and we could finish up the first half of our session at Maymont.

Summer at Maymont Park, Richmond

Maymont closes at 7 PM in the summer which means that if someone chooses Maymont on an engagement session location we also have them pick somewhere else because we want to be able to shoot in optimal light. Which is in the two hours before sunset. So will spend the first hour of their session in Maymont and then go elsewhere.

Their flowers were out of control.  So gorgeous.

There are two gardens at Maymont that are our favorites. One is right next to the fountain at the old horse stables and the second is down at the Italian Rose Garden. 

And the flowers were in gorgeous full bloom at both locations. You would think in 95° heat the flowers might be struggling but they were not at all.

I was worried we were past optimal full bloom season, but we were not!  We actually wondered if it was worth it to go down to the rose garden – but it was SO WORTH IT!  It was gorgeous.

A lot of times we won’t shoot in the middle of the rose garden because it is always in full sun. So unless we have an overcast day or are there right at sunset, we won’t shoot there. But today we just went for a because it was so gorgeous.

And they ended up being some of my very favorites.

It was SO HOT.  Just uncomfortable.  The humidity was terrible. 

Scoop RVA Engagement

So it was actually nice that we had to leave Maymont at 7pm, so we could get into our cars and have air conditioning for a minute.

And then we headed to Scoop. Which is an adorable ice cream shop in Richmond right on Strawberry Street. It was a little unfortunate because they’re only allowing four people into the shop at a time. So we really only had like literally 60 seconds to take pictures of and in the shop. But they still ended up being some of my favorites they’re so cute.

So once we got their ice cream we took a few right outside of Scoop. They had set up a little parklets with a bench and some cute umbrellas to provide some seating, so we took a few there.

There were actually a lot of people at Scoop – and it was SO hot, so we took a few quickly before ending their session.

I’d really love to be able to go back to Scoop to shoot inside. Because they have so many cute details inside that teeny tiny ice cream shop.

Enjoy some of our many favorites from this crazy hot, but adorable day.

Congrats you guys!


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