Caitlin & Andrew | Married!

Entire drive up to this wedding was crazy. We knew that it was the last wedding before Niles was due to be born and Caitlin and Andrew’s wedding had been a marker for his birthday for Laura’s entire pregnancy. It was two and a half hours away from our house and Laura was nine months pregnant so that was kind of crazy, but we were determined to be able to be there for this sweet couple. It was at Historic Rosemont, where we had never shot before, but ended up being absolutely gorgeous. They had just finished a new event space that was stunning, with bright getting ready rooms, and an amazing reception spot. The chandeliers were spectacular, and the amazing fireplace was surrounded with decked out Christmas trees. Caitlin (and Laura) loved this, but Andrew, like me, could have waited until closer to Christmas. And to top it all off, it had rained our whole drive up, but luckily, it was heading away from Historic Rosemont.

Now with Laura being 9 months pregnant, we did have help that drove 3 hours (yes, longer than we did) to help us out. Heather,  from Heather Lacey Photography stepped in to help us for most of the day, and let me tell you, she was a lifesaver. We were introduced to Caitlin & Andrew by our biggest fan, Emily, who, has been our biggest supporter, and talks us up wayyyy more than we deserve. Emily is Caitlin’s sister, so this wedding was extra special for us. We met them and their wonderful dogs during their engagement session a while back, but couldn’t wait for their wedding!

This wedding was full of special moments that made this day so wonderful for Caitlin & Andrew. Right before the first look, Caitlin had told us about a surprise she had made on the inside of Andrew’s  jacket. It was a bird that was special to his grandmother. And, believe it or not, one had flown by right before their first look. Andrew teared up, and was so excited that his grandmother was here celebrating with them. During the reception speeches, Emily talked about playing Power Rangers with her sister way back when. Then, appropriately, right after her speech, the first song played was Go Go Power Rangers, the theme song to the Power Rangers! Caitlin and Andrew also wanted their guests to enjoy themselves as much as possible. That turned into an endless cookie bar! We took two bags home with us 3 hours after they opened it to the guests! And, Andrew created the best open bar… He works as a beer and wine specialist for Whole Foods! Their reception also, like our own wedding, was 5 hours long, so their guests could celebrate with them the whole night long.

When we left, right in the middle of their reception, they walked us out, and told us that they didn’t care if they didn’t see any of their wedding photos for the next year, they were just so excited for our own new baby! These two are seriously, the most sincere, and sweetest couple you will meet! Well, Caitlin & Andrew, we hope we didn’t make you wait too long! We love you guys so much, and are so excited for your new chapter!



The Creative Team

VENUE | Rosemont Manor 


FLORALS | Janda Florist 

CATERER |  Celebrations Catering

BAKERY |  homemade cookies

Band/Entertainment |  Repeatable DJ

DRESS | David’s Bridal

HAIR | Hair by Cori (Cori Campbell)

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