Lansdowne Resort Ballroom Wedding

Today we are sharing Emily and Ben’s Lansdowne Golf Resort Ballroom Wedding day. Finally! 

Emily and Ben got married at Lansdowne Resort and Spa, in Leesburg, Virginia.  And this is actually where we did Emily and Ben’s engagement pictures forever ago.

These two were supposed to get married January 31, 2020.. but unfortunately had to reschedule due to COVID.

Making the best of a COVID rescheduled wedding – Lansdowne Resort

What I think is so fun is that they just pretend it like it was still New Year’s Eve.  They did the whole thing.. there were sparkles everywhere, sound makers as the table seating cards.. all the bridesmaids had glitter heals.. they did a countdown for New Years.. and champagne toast.

And then the best part of the day was that they had indoor sparklers/firework things that their DJ brought for them.

We could talk forever about how much we ADORE Emily and Ben. They have referred us time and time again.  We shot her sister and her cousin. We love these people.  In fact, if you go to my Facebook profile, the picture is me and the groom at a past wedding.

They are complete gems.  Wonderful human beings.  And SUCH a pleasure to get to be there to celebrate with them and see them dance all night.

Lansdowne is in Leesburg and is a massive resort and golf club.  Which was perfect for Ben, because he loves golf. Even he and his groomsmen had the Masters socks on for the wedding. And he got to golf a couple times too, which was great.

The Lansdowne Golf Resort Ballrooms were beautiful.  Gorgeous indoor spaces with great lighting you can change the color of!  It was a great wedding venue.

Indoor sparklers and DIYs – Resort Wedding

So what was your favorite part of the day?

Well, I was going to say the indoor sparklers.  But that’s too obvious.  It was amazing.  Those things are so cool and their DJ brought those for them.  His name is Ben from Repeatable DJs. He is amazing.

I just hope every bride we have use this sparklers.  They were so fun. And so appropriate for a countdown to fake New Year’s!

I’d have to go with the sign we got to make for them. 

Emily and Ben actually did get married on New Year’s last year.  We reached out to a few of our brides and asked if they wanted us to help with one of their wedding DIYs for our Instagram series, Monday Crafternoons. 

So she had us make a sign that said something along the lines of.. “hey we’re pretending it’s New Years Eve.. so just go with it”.

Michael will always pick that a DIY is his favorite thing.

You’ll see it on our Instagram.

I did love whenever I saw someone go and take a picture with it.. like Oh yay it’s a hit!

Getting ready + First Look

OK I had a lot of favorite moments.  I loved their getting ready room.  Emily has such wonderful taste in music.  So the getting ready room was just blasting the most wonderful tunes.

So they were all singing it while getting their makeup done.  Oh and I just LOVE her makeup artist – Ashlyn from Transformations Artistry. She had a great list of vendors.

We went to do a getting ready picture.  And all her bridesmaids are drinking champagne and Emily is sitting with her Coors Light. It was so perfect.

And her mom is SO nice.  They family that was there was so wonderful.

Also her dress from The Bridal Room was GORGEOUS.  It has sleeves and was nude with a lace overlay. 

During the first look – nooo that’s my favorite part!

During their first look, Ben turned around and was so cute – he was just like WOW.  But then Emily was like – NO check out the whole thing.  And spun around. 

We did it outside at Lansdowne next to this stone wall.  And so he went and sat down and just let Emily twirl around and show off.  It was just so sweet.  They are just so fun and I thought that was really them.

And then it was just a mad party the whole night.  It was a long reception – which Michael LOVES. 

I was doing some dancing by the end – of course you were, you always are. 

It was just a perfect night.  Enjoy some of our many, many favorites.

Congrats you guys!



The Creative Team for Lansdowne Golf Resort Ballroom Wedding

VENUE | Lansdowne Resort and Spa, Leesburg, Virginia 

PLANNER/COORDINATOR | Monique, Lansdowne

CATERER |  Lansdowne

FLORIST| Twinbrook Floral Design

BAKERY | Elizabeth Reed, Friend of the Bride 

DJ | Repeatable DJs

HAIR & MAKEUP | Transformations Artistry

BRIDAL SALON | The Bridal Room


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