Jasmin & JJ

Jasmin and JJ are an absolutely amazing couple.  They have been together for a looonnnggg time, so it was about time they got married!  JJ is an extremely laid back guy, but really wanted a big, formal wedding.. while Jasmin would have been happy to just go elope.  So the two of them were completely easy going and calm throughout our entire experience with them.  Their wedding day was just the same, super calm and laid back while extremely fun… complete with a huge donut wall, tons of friends and family, and a dance party where I’m pretty sure every single person there danced the night away.

One of my favorite things from Jasmin & JJ’s wedding is that Jasmin surprised JJ with a lightsaber exit.  JJ is a huge Star Wars fan and didn’t stop talking about wanting to take a picture with a light saber at his wedding.  Jasmin casually blew it off whenever he brought it up.. but secretly planned to have a bunch of his friends meet us outside to exit through the light sabers.  I think he was definitely surprise and it was so much fun!  We spent our last little bit of time with Jasmin, JJ, and a few of their friends playing with light sabers in the freezing November weather… and it was amazing.

We love you Jasmin & JJ.. hope you love these few of our favorites.. and don’t worry JJ.. there are lots more light saber pictures in your full gallery!

The Creative Team

VENUE | Old Towne Civics Center, Petersburg 

BAKERY | Publix

DRESS | Caryn’s bridal / Maggie sottero 

HAIR | Lisset Herbert

MAKEUP | Ayonna

VIDEO | Shooting goose productions


    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful pictures. So happy for you guys.

  2. Cristen says:

    All of these look so amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Congratulations to you guys on a wonderful wedding surrounded by the ones you love.

  3. Jasmin Arias says:

    I just absolutely love Love LOVE these. Thank you guys sooooo much for everything. Y’all are just simply AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  4. Heather Thomas says:

    What a beautiful bride and wedding. These photos are stunning and captured the love between the bride and groom so perfectly. So happy for this couple and wish them many many years of happiness!

  5. Nicole Hofmann says:

    Absolutely Beautiful pictures ! Definitely caught special moments. Loved the Ending very cool!!

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