Allison and Todd | Engaged!

Okay, so you know those days that are just bitterly cold. Well, take one of those days, add on reallllllyyy early in the morning, and don’t forget about being right on the beach with wind gusts keeping things even colder (even our cameras were struggling to work… partly because our fingers had already frozen)! It had stormed the night before, so the ground was wet and the temperature had dropped. We were at least hoping for a gorgeous sunrise to photograph and more importantly warm us up, but the overcast feel stayed. We had this session planned from a while ago, and with only a month before their wedding as well, with no realistic time to reschedule. It was now or never.  We were beginning to feel like the literal and figurative wind was against us on this day…  That is until Allison & Todd showed up! This was the first time we had met them in person, and these two were the perfect balance to blow away all those had-been concerns. (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m sticking with the wind puns today.)

These two had such bubbly personalities, who couldn’t stop smiling, and laughing throughout our session! These concerns of ours were nothing to these two… They fought the cold as we kept them on the beach for maybe a little too long… We even made them take their coats off for a few in below freezing weather… Sorry you guys! But they just kept on sharing with each other, and loving on each other, partly to keep warm, but mostly because that’s just who these two are.

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