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We had our first wedding of the year and it was a wonderful way to start off the 2018 wedding season. We were a little bit nervous because the day before the wind speeds were insane, parts of roofs were falling off, trees were coming down, tables of beer bottles in wedding tents came crashing down (may or may not be a real example from this wedding) it was crazy. But the day of the wedding the wind settled down (slightly).. we had a few instances of the veil falling off and many more of the veil flying straight up in the air.  Luckily this didn’t really phase Connor and Jenny.. in fact it made for some really adorable laughing pictures as the wind blew the veil in all kinds of crazy directions.

We shot at one of our favorite venues, Amber Grove in Midlothian, Virginia (just south side of Richmond). We love seeing all the changes John (the incredible venue owner/coordinator) worked on over the off season. And even though we have shot at Amber Grove many times, it felt so different this weekend because the crazy wind and insanely bright sun made us look for places to shoot other than our usual portrait locations.  So for Connor & Jenny’s first look we headed out into the beautiful open field you pass on your way into the venue space… and it was a bit of a hike.. but Jenny was SO ready to see Connor that she high-tailed it out there.
We had such a blast shooting these two.  We immediately felt like old friends.  Later, during the reception, while Jenny’s dad was giving his speech, he talked about how Jenny and Connor have always been two peas in a pod.  That “from the very beginning they had their own language that no one else understood.. and that it was strange and wonderful”.  And it really was so wonderful being able to bare witness to that strange and wonderful thing that these two have.
Jenny & Connor, thank you for starting our wedding season off with a bang.  Thank you for being such wonderful clients, and great friends.  We were so honored to be there.. we love y’all so much!
Instead of giving favors, Jenny & Connor donated to the Wingman Foundation.  I just LOVED this.  So often favors get tossed out, forgotten about, or left behind at the wedding.  Giving to an organization that is close to the hearts of you and your family and friends means so much more!  SUCH a good idea!
VENUE | Amber Grove
BRIDAL SHOP | Bliss Bridal
HAIR | Molly Bush
MAKEUP | Kara Waggoner

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