Details on your wedding day!

We absolutely love shooting details.  It’s so much fun to feature all the little things that make up your day.  It also serves as a great time for us to “warm up” our creative juices.  We ask our couples to give us about 30-45 minutes to shoot details and thankfully they all oblige.  Probably because as a bride, you’ve spent so much time picking out and putting all those little details together.. you want to get ’em photographed!  30-45 minutes may seem like a long time, but when it comes to arranging details those minutes FLY by.. so to help your photographer out and get the best detail shots possible.. follow these few tips..

  • Gather your details in advance for your photographers.  We suggest getting a shoe box, or other large sturdy box and filling the sucker up.  Try to remove all the tags before hand.
  • Gather your paper products. We’ll always return the paper products to you.. unharmed, but it’s nice to have some set aside and all together.  Include your invitations, duplicate envelopes (we love it when we are addressed and stamped), & RSVP cards.. (your full invitation suite).2017-10-15_0012
  • Schedule your florals to be delivered to your getting ready room.
    • Getting your bouquet & boutonniere’s there ahead of time not only lets us capture them on their own, but also will tie in perfectly with all your other details, and adds interest and dimension to your imagery. Don’t forget to also ask your florist for a few extra loose blooms and greenery for us to use. Your florist will almost always bring a few extras to your wedding day anyways, but asking for just a few pieces will really help.

Long-Branch-Plantation-Winchester-Wedding (8)


  • Add some personal touches.  A mongrammed Mrs. Box, vintage stamps, personalized bible, silk ribbon,(Courtney has some beautiful ribbon!)… anything to create a little pop will add more fun and creativity into your details.  This is obviously not at all necessary, it just adds a little something personal.  If you don’t bring anything, we will often look around your venue for things we can add in on our own.


  • If you’re getting ready in a hotel, ask if they will open an extra room for an hour. Normally, the hotel staff wont have a problem giving up an empty room that we can to shoot in without getting in the way. (Bonus: you can also use this room to get dressed in, it will already be nice and clean and you won’t have to worry about tidying up).
    • Not getting ready in a hotel room?  No problem.  We’ll always try to take your details away from the hustle and bustle of the morning to give you a little extra time to prepare before we start shooting you.
  • Hold onto the rings. It’s traditional for the best man to hold onto the rings.  But save that for later.  If you keep the rings with your details, we will be able to get you some great ring shots with your details.  Michael will deliver the rings to the best man after we’re done.


Don’t forget about your Groom. Grooms details are something a little extra we like to photograph. It’s his day as well, and we want to make sure we capture the few items that your future husband will be wearing when he walks down the aisle. His watch, custom bowtie, leather belt and shoes are the main items to keep in mind. And don’t forget to include groomsmen gifts as well (especially if they are handmade knives and mallets).

Fairview-Farm-Richmond-Barn-Wedding_0001 (96)

Here’s a handy-dandy checklist for ya..  print it out (or pin for later) and ask a bridesmaid or family member to help make sure all these things are ready to go for your photographer.  They will love you and you will get some gorgeous detail shots without veering from your timeline.


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