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We like to take our time with our clients, getting to know them better, especially new clients that we haven’t photographed before. So mini sessions are not something we were always willing to pursue.But our last round of mini sessions really changed our minds on mini’s because of the amazing clients we got to work with! We had Billy & Ellen that we shared last week, an amazingly sweet couple, and today we have the incredible Mills family!

We first met Joyce and one of her daughters last year when we connected with our friend, and an amazingly talented photographer, Meredith Ryncarz (, and stunning florist expert, Karen Roa, owner of Aleen Floral Design, for a fun winter wonderland shoot. Joyce and her daughter were two of our 3 models, and they were so much fun to work with! Joyce, (a super talented photographer herself) and her family met us at Yorktown on a bitterly cold afternoon.  But Joyce and her gorgeous family were such troopers, and amazing to work with and photograph. All of them could be models!

Joyce, your family is so stunning and beautiful. We really enjoyed getting to have you in front of our cameras once more, and we can’t wait for our next opportunity!

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We fell in love with mini sessions for two specific reasons that our amazing clients helped us realize. Firstly, people that normally don’t get photographs taken of themselves like a shorter session. There’s less pressure for both the clients and the photographer during a mini session, and less of a commitment to feel and look your best for a longer period of time (great for when it’s freezing outside). It’s actually a better service for couples and families that just want to get a few great images to cherish for where they are in life right now. It’s not celebrating getting engaged, and it’s not your wedding day… it’s a random Thursday in your third year of marriage, or just a few months before one of your children are leaving for college next year. The point is, you don’t need this giant reason to get your portraits taken, and Mini sessions are a great way to celebrate the everyday with those that you love the most. Expect to see a few more sessions coming up soon, and subscribe to our mailing list so you get to hear about it first!

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