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The Blizzard of 2017

A couple of months we went to the Historic Post Office Grand Opening.  It was an incredible event at an insanely beautiful new wedding venue right here in Hampton Roads, Virginia!  The entire time we were there I couldn’t stop thinking how awesome it would be to shoot a wedding there.  So if you are looking to make my dreams come true, book a wedding at the Historic Post Office, then book us.  ANYWAYS.. another awesome thing about this event was that all our creative friends were there.  We got to spend an evening hanging out with some of our favorite creatives from Hampton Roads.  Well, we were talking with Meredith (of Meredith Ryncarz Photography) and Karen (of Aleen Floral Design) about the upcoming snow storm.  I mentioned how much fun it would be to go shoot in the snow.  And then these two RAN with it.  Meredith was crazy organized and got all the details together, and Karen brought some insanely stunning florals.  All we had to do was show up!  We spent the afternoon in the Yorktown Battlefield and it was an absolute blast.  So thank you Meredith and Karen, you two are amazing!!! And thank you so, so much to our super sweet models who didn’t complain once about the freezing cold we made them pose in! Thank you Joyce, Annika, and Mary Beth!!!blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (27)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (13)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (16)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (28)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (14)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (29)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (17)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (12)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (32)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (31)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (1)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (21)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (15)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (18)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (19)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (23)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (20)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (24)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (30)

And a few of behind the scenes…

blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (4)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (26)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (25)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (11)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (5)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (2)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (3)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (6)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (10)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (8)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (7)blizzard-yorktown-battlefield-snowy-shoot (9)

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