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And just like that we are WELL into 2018.  Mid-January!?  I mean where does time gooooo???  Michael and I are doing everything we can to be REALLY intentional about our time this year.  We want to decide ahead where we are going to put our efforts, what matters most to us, and how to be as efficient as possible in getting things this done this year.  At the end of 2017 we looked at each other and asked “Where did the year gooooo?!”  We don’t want to be doing the same thing at the end of 2018.  At the end of this year we want to look back and feel confident that we used our time doing the things we love and not wasting our precious time away with those not-so joyful tasks.

So we sat ourselves down and thought.. how can we simplify.  It’s one of my BIG goals for 2018.  Simply.  So we came up with 5 things we are going to intentionally use to make our lives easier in 2018.  With a tiny bit of set up time, these things are ready to go and do the boring work for us.  And we thought we would share them with you all!

They already went out to our Newsletter friends, but click the link below and you can this free download too.

Five Apps to Simplify Your Life | Freebie

Five Apps to Make Your Life Easier in 2018. 

(I should mention, that they aren’t ALL necessarily apps.. some are just websites.. but you could get the app if you wanted ;)..)

AND if there are some other wonderful apps/websites/ideas out there that didn’t make our list, please let us know!  Send us an email, or comment below.  We would love to hear your ideas on simplifying the boring tasks and making room in life to spend time doing the things we love most.

Here’s to an intentional and well spent 2018.

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