Happy Anniversary, Michael

​A few weeks ago this woman came up to us at church. She introduced herself and told us that she had noticed us. We weren’t too surprised… we’re pretty used to being noticed for the most embarrassing of reasons but this woman told us that she noticed us because she could tell how good of friends we are. This did surprise me. You’re my husband of course you’re my best friend but this seemed to surprise the woman. I think there are some days when I take for granted our relationship. I take for granted the fact that I got to spend every single day of my life my very best friend in the world. I take for granted that our marriage is something to be admired and looked upon by strangers. These last five years of our lives have been nothing short of incredible. The day I married you was one of the happiest of my life.. but the thing about being married to you is that there are unbelievably happy days all the time. You know how to make me smile like no one else can. You can dance with me in the kitchen or cry with me on the bathroom floor.. and though your eternally optimistic view can sometimes be the most annoying thing I’m so glad that you are a constant reminder that everything will be okay.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t thank God that he put you in my life. That he’s using you to teach me about love and patience and Grace.  Thank you for the most wonderful five years.. I’m pretty excited for the next 50.

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