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The other day I was chatting with my sweet friend, Caitlin. She has started making these incredible custom signs for weddings and homes and so I’ve added her to a wedding creatives Facebook group that we are a part of. She mentioned that she’s learned so much about how we run our business from being a part of the group. I laughed and figured she meant things that people in these groups rant about.. tough clients, financial battles, sore feet.. those kinds of things.. But then I asked.. oh, like what. She thought for a second of an example and mentioned.. well for example, I never knew how big of a deal it was to get credit for your pictures.

Well.. we aren’t of the camp of people who go crazy when our work isn’t credited, but it sure is nice to see that tag. So I figured I’d write 3 things you might not know to do when featuring your professionally taken images.  Three super simple things, but a real person will be doing a happy dance on the other side of your screen.. or in our case two people.. and dancing is Michael’s favorite thing..

1.) Don’t take a screen shot – upload the image properly.

If you’re not sure how, ask your photographer. I am sure they will LOVE walking you through how to share your images (I know we would) without editing or cropping crazily.  We know pretty much everywhere you post pictures these days, makes it really easy to crop or add a filter, but if you want that happy dance, don’t do it.

(For us, you can download full resolution images from your PASS gallery and then upload those into a Facebook gallery.   You can also share a favorites folder where friends can be sent to your gallery.  If you’re sharing to Instagram, PASS connects flawlessly – just access your gallery from your phone and post straight to Instagram from there.)  

It’s a small extra step, but it makes a huge difference.

2.) Tag our Business Page

When you tag, the photographer’s business page, not their personal page.  A tag, is a tag, is a tag… but most photographers run off of referrals from past clients, and tagging our business page instead of our personal page will help more people find us.  Either way, we love it.. but tagging the business page will bring out the extra fancy dance moves.

3.) When you make an image your profile picture, use the image from your photographer’s Facebook gallery.

This will create the all time most insane dance party between Michael and I..  It will likely last for hours.  Instead of uploading an image to use as your profile picture on your own.. go to your photographer’s page and find your picture.  Click the little “Make profile picture” link at the bottom (bonus points for tagging us when you post).  It’s super easy for you and it means, so, so, soooo much to us.


We get insanely excited when we see our clients using their pictures at all. But it means so much to us when we see these few things done. It also means SO much when they comment on the blog post, share our post on Facebook to their own walls, and tag their friends in our galleries.

Thanks for all the love.. and the happy dances..

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