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You may recognize two of the three (now four!) in our post today from their first maternity session 3 years ago. I remember that session vividly because we photographed them right before leaving for Kenya, and I didn’t even get to meet Asher before I left (Laura left a few weeks after I did, so she met Asher a few days before). Now this amazing, loving, and God centered family, has a new addition three years later! Asher is just a ball of energy that could run around for days, but was kind enough to slow down for us to get some truly beautiful shots of this gorgeous family! And Adam & Devon, though they weren’t running around like balls of energy, were willing to walk up and down the Yorktown battlefield and beach area while we fought for that perfect glowy light.

We have been lucky enough to know Devon & Adam for just about 5 years. Laura and I were going to Coastal Community Church, and we had just joined a new small group. We had been searching for those rare-to-find post-college couples to hang out with, and these two were in our small group! I still remember one of the first outings we had with them and our other dear friends the Wells (who also have two little ADORABLE ones, and moved to Texas back in late spring) putt putt golfing in Williamsburg.  They are a truly amazing couple, and role models not only in their marriage, but also in their faith. We are so thankful to call the Reimerts our closest of friends, and are so excited for their new little girl! We love you guys so much, and are so happy for you! Congratulations!


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