Matt & Erin | Engaged!

Matthew and I have been friends since middle school.  Luckily we’re those friends where you can not see each other for a really long time and feel like not very much time has passed… Because I hardly ever see this kid! So when he emailed me talking about getting married I was so excited for him even though I had never met Erin!  I had no idea what it to expect when it came to Erin but she is absolutely amazing and so perfect for Matt. I loved being able to see these two interact… my favorite images are the ones of Matt looking down at Erin because you can tell how much he really loves her.. he looks at her in the sweetest way!

We met at Monument Avenue and Matt brought along his motorcycle… So Michael was feeling super jealous when we walked up to his beautiful Harley. The first thing Michael said when he got back from his motorcycle trip was “I need a new motorcycle “… so he was seriously eying Matt’s!  After having way too much fun photographingy Matt and Erin with the motorcycle we took a stroll down Monument Avenue and then drove down to Main Street station. My favorite building in Richmond.  I just love this session and all of its Richmondy-ness! Congratulations you two! We can’t wait for the wedding day!

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