Virginia Beach Family Session

We absolutely love being able to shoot at the beach, and when Elizabeth contacted us telling us about her family’s vacation at her parent’s beach house.. we got pretty excited.  Elizabeth was one of Caitlin’s sweet bridesmaids and we couldn’t wait to spend some more time with her.  Michael and I got to the beach a little early, because who can ever tell what the tunnel traffic will be like?!  We walked the beach a little bit and then this adorable family came out, dressed perfectly in dusty blues and blush pinks.  Elizabeth’s two little darlings were absolutely perfect throughout our session (except for maybe that last one.. we were pushing a little too close to bedtime..).. and with a few bribes of ice cream treats, we got the sweetest little laughs and smiles out of them, even with the toasty weather.  We were pretty thankful to be able to dip our toes in the water and get some sweet splashing pictures.. thanks for being such troopers, Blackwell family!


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  1. Caitlin Pierce says:

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family!!! Miss y’all!!

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