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Okay, so I’m the sort of guy who thinks he can fix anything. Why would I pay a professional if I can do it myself, right? But I was initially a little skeptical of completing the plumbing for our new sink, as this would be the first time I’ve ever touched water lines… and plumbing actually has the potential to be devastatingly damaging to a house.  But, after consulting the greatest of internet tools, youtube & online forums, I decided to give it a shot.

And, like most things, I estimated it would take about a third of what it actually took to complete, mostly because I was taking my time, and couldn’t decide exactly how to put all the pieces together, literally. If you have never replaced pvc piping under your sink, you’ll find out quickly that the hardest part will be to figure out how to put the whole thing back together again. The water lines to our new faucet was easy compared to cutting and replacing our entire drain piping from where it came out of the wall. I would cut, and then measure, and I did that about 4 times to try and match up exactly where the drain would hook up with the pipe. The problem was, our new, WONDERFUL sink was 2 inches deeper than our last one, and where the holes sat was completely different. Not to mention that I couldn’t physically remove our old disposal from our old sink…(So if you know someone who wants a sink with a perfectly functioning, yet stubbornly stuck disposal, please get in touch with me..).

So I set our drain into the sink, then attached our new, and much quieter disposal to the other. Then I started gluing the pvc from the pipe that came out of the wall. And magically, it all came together. Unfortunately, It didn’t really cross my mind to take photos while I was completing the job, because I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to complete it… but at least it works.

Oh, and PS, We’re sure you’ve seen small sections of our new granite countertop, but we thought we should keep that for the big reveal, because It’s what we are most excited for, and we think it looks AMAZING with our new, adult kitchen… So stay tuned, because we are almost finished!


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