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Laura has been dying to shoot at Christopher Newport University for a very long time. She went to school there and living in Newport News next to their extremely beautiful campus you would have thought we would have people picking CNU as a location all the time. Their campus is absolutely gorgeous, and every time we go there, we feel like there is a new stunning building that just came out of nowhere. But unfortunately we have never shot an engagement session there… (that is until now and boy was it worth the wait)! When Robbie and Ashley contacted us Laura started to get very excited. The two of them had been dating since their time at CNU and Laura thought that finally this was the time to shoot at this gorgeous campus. After meeting with them they hinted that they may want to shoot at CNU for their engagement session and Laura became even more excited!

And CNU was the perfect location to capture these two wonderful people! Laura had known Robbie briefly during her time at CNU; Robbie was a freshman when Laura was a Senior… And let me tell you that nothing gets you more excited as a photographer when you meet someone who has been keeping up with your blogs! Seriously, blogging is something that we both struggle with, and it felt so amazing to know that we have people that read our craziness… But we hadn’t started shooting yet, and that’s when we lost it!

Seriously, Robbie and Ashley were so fun, so relaxed, and so comfortable in front of the camera and trusted everything we asked them to do… and you just can’t beat their smiles! It was such a blast to spend the day walking the CNU campus with this gorgeous couple.  We spent a ton of time at the Ferguson Center for the Arts with its gorgeous white arches… it’s the perfect place for a portrait! Ashley is a music teacher in Virginia Beach and spent nearly her entire time at CNU walking the halls of the Ferguson Center. And now years later both Robbie and Ashley are super involved in both music programs in the area so it seems appropriate we would do a lot of photos there. We also found the most gorgeous willow tree, before hopping back to the great lawn, squeezing the last of the light for just a few more… I don’t think we’ve ever said ‘just one more’ as many times as we did at the end of their session!

Then after a perfect shoot,we headed out to dinner together.  It was awesome being able to spend just a little bit more time with this incredible couple and I cannot wait for next October when we get to shoot their wedding! Congrats Robbie & Ashley!

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  1. Robert Landon says:

    OMG! These turned out so amazing! I am so excited now for next October!! You guys did such an amazing job, and It was so amazing getting to catch up with you again! We’ll have to hang out soon!!

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