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I had been sick all weekend long.  I missed going to the beach with my family and catching up on my to-do list.  Instead I slept.  And slept some more.  On Sunday we had our calendars marked off though.  There was an event we just couldn’t miss.  If you know anything about Michael (and me) you know we LOVE vinyl.  Our living room is full of records that we just love listening to, collecting, and showing off.  And then there is craft beer.  Ever since I brought home a brew your own beer kit, Michael has been hooked on brewing.. but has always been obsessed with craft beers.  So when we heard about the vinyl fair at Hardywood Craft Brewery in RVA, we knew we had to block off the calendar.  But when Sunday rolled around I was sick.. and Michael almost walked out the door to head to Hardywood without me.  At the last second I decided I’d get my sick self up and go too.  And I’m so glad I did.

After picking out way too many records to take home with us, we sat outside and enjoyed a beer before heading home.  I was in a daze, staring off and focused on this sweet little pup a few yards away.  The dog and his owner started walking towards us and Michael turned to me and said, “Oh, that dog is pretty”.  The owner walked towards us, I guess she picked up on the fact that we had been staring and let us know she was just fostering him until they could find him a new home.  And right then and there we decided Tusker was ours.  The next day, Michael picked him up and we took him home.  And after over a year of talking about how badly we want a dog.. we have one.  Meet little Mr. Tusker Fredrick Archer.. our sweet, sweet, puppy.


Tusker is the local beer of Kenya.. our little brewery pup


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