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We love date nights.  Whether it’s dinner and a movie, or roaming around a mega store (see Part I), we know it’s important in any marriage or relationship, to set intentional time to be together. Our definition of a date is a loose one.. We just encourage you to be purposeful, joyful, and loving in your time together. This is our series to record our date nights and give you ideas and encouragement to continuously date each other.

You GUYS.  Did you realize there is a MELLOW MUSHROOMMMMMMM in Hampton Roads!!!!! AHHHHHH..  We drove by this new shopping center in Newport News and called out all the new places we could go eat… mmm PF Changs… mmmm BJ’s… mmm some burrito place.. and then there it was.. I couldn’t hold it in, I screamed at the top of my lungs MELLOW MUSHROOOMMMMM..  The countdown to the grand opening began and we were not at all disappointed.  Friends, if you have not experienced this amazing establishment, please go on a date there tonight.  You can thank me later.

The Date: Dinner at the new Mellow Mushroom

Cost: $50 + tip.  We each got a personal pizza.. Go with the Holy Shittake 😉 Michael tried 2 local beers and I got a flight.

How to: Just be sure to be ready to wait.  But remember that the wait is so worth it.  The owner brought by a free bruschetta appetizer.. and we sat right away at the bar.  It took a while for the meal to come, but we were just happy drinking our beers in the new restaurant.

Time sensitive?: I mean, if you want to wait on a life changing pizza experience, I suppose you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Location: The new Tech Center Shopping in Newport News at the corner of Jefferson and Oyster Point.

Approximate Time: 1.5-2 Hours

Preparation needed?:  Nope.  They don’t take call aheads..


The Friday Night is Date Night Series:

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