Engagement Sessions – 10 Tips

We LOOOOVE engagement sessions for so many reasons, and that is why we include an engagement session in all of our wedding collections! Most of our couples end up deciding to do an engagement session with us, even if they may have already had one, and we LOVE that!  It’s such an invaluable time.  We get to know out couples so much better, both personally and how the interact in front of our cameras.  Both of which help SO much on a wedding day.

Tips for getting the most out of your engagement session:

  1. Don’t skip your session We LOVE engagements sessions for so many reasons.  We get to capture this brief, exciting moment in y’all lives (you only get to call him your fiancé for a little while), we get a chance to know you a little better, and you get some practice in front of a camera.  By the time we reach your wedding day, you’ll be comfortable in front of our cameras and we will know how to best photograph you!
  2. Come on time.  We schedule all our engagement sessions 2 hours before sunset, because this is when the light is best.  Our sessions usually last between 1.5-2 hours.  This means that if we are running late, we may loose the light, and our session will be cut short.  Which means less pictures and less time to get to know each other.. which is no good.
  3. Get your ring cleaned and your nails done.  We will be shooting up and close to that gorgeous new ring of yours, so getting it cleaned will help it sparkle a little extra.  And you can use this as an excuse to get your nails done.
  4. Choose your location. Lots of times our couples want us to pick a location for them.  And that’s totally fine, we are happy to give suggestions of fun places to shoot, but we LOVE it when couples have their own ideas.  Your shoot should reflect your personality and your relationship.  Try to think of somewhere that is meaningful to the two of you.  Personalize your shoot by picking a location that is special to you two.  Maybe you love cooking together so you want to do a shoot at home in the kitchen, maybe you love the outdoors so you want to set up a campsite, or maybe you met at a cute little coffee shop, let’s go there to do your session!
  5. Bring some props. This one is totally up to you, but adding a prop can make an engagement session so much fun!  Again, think about your relationship together for this one.  Think about things you love to do together or something meaningful from your relationship.  Bring something from your proposal, some college memorabilia, a sneak peek from wedding planning.
  6. Pick two outfits Bring a casual and a “date night” outfit to give you more variety.  We will talk more about outfit choices next week.
  7. Get your hair and makeup done You will feel like a rock star and that is always good when you’ll be in front of the camera for 2 hours.
  8. Love on each other.  This is definitely the time to show off your love, not the time to be shy.  Hold each other a little closer, and kiss a little longer.  Savor this little bit of time before you become husband and wife.
  9. Prep your man.  Take a minute to get your fiancé ready for getting his pictures taken.  Talk to him about how important this is to you, show him some example of engagement shoots so he has an idea of what he’s getting into.
  10. Enjoy it This is supposed to be fun!  You’re getting MARRIED!  We are there to celebrate that.  So enjoy it.

Check out some of our favorite engagement sessions, or just scroll down to see one of our favorite couples!



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