The Story of Us – Part II

Part II – Not Quite Us

So, we’d finally met in our senior year of high school. We became friends pretty quickly – playing numerous games of Sudoku in our shared government class.. A few months later we started hanging out outside of school. And a few months after that, we started to date, just as school was ending. We convinced our parents to let us go on a road trip (along with one of my best friends), and the three of us set off to Connecticut, Boston, and New York City.

We had a blast.. But after spending a serious amount of time together we realized we weren’t a perfect fit.. Especially going off to college in different cities in just a few weeks. So we broke up.

We kept in touch though. In fact if you look at our Facebook history, you can see random posts during college breaks with quick conversations back and forth. Trying to plan meeting up or grabbing a coffee.. But it never happened. We’d drifted apart. We’d grown up.

Turns out that’s just about the best thing we could have done. Our high school selves weren’t quite a perfect fit.. Good thing we got another chance at it.

Michael-and-Laura-high-school-road-trip (2)Michael-and-Laura-high-school-road-trip (1)Michael-and-Laura-high-school-road-trip (3)

We were so cool.  So cool that we decided matching sunglasses was a good idea.

Michael-and-Laura-high-school-road-trip (4)Michael-and-Laura-high-school-road-trip (5)


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