Kenya Recap – The Overview

In coming to Africa we had so many uncertainties.  Things that could have completely stopped our plans to travel to Kenya.  Game changers.  We had a house we needed to pay a mortgage on.  I have medication that couldn’t be delivered to Kenya.  We needed finances to fund our trip.  We needed insurance.  We had so many needs and so many obstacles in our way, but God was so faithful.  We were confident that this was the path we were supposed to take.  So we prayed and things began to line up.  Amazingly.  Miraculously.

For a quick overview..

We realized it would be tough trying to get around the city and God provided a car for us to rent from a mutual friend.

As we got here, we realized just how exhausting it is to live with 50 kids.  And after a couple of months when we knew we needed a break, God provided.  I knew that I still wanted to be able to serve, even during our little break, and God provided Glory of Africa, who had a need for updating their website, and someone to step in to fill some roles in their mission.  He provided a friend to come and allow us to experience Africa, to travel a bit and enjoy our time here. And after a couple weeks when we were ready to return to the children, God provided again.

There were two locations to the children’s home we volunteered at.  One in Nairobi, where we spend our first couple months, and one in Juja.  Juja is the middle of no where.  One hour down a dirt/rock “road”.  But it was the location where the older children lived.  And it was the location that housed the school for all the children.  It was a place were our hearts sang and we both felt like we fit and could make a difference.  We definitely wanted to be able to spend more time at Juja, but because it is so new, and so far away from everything it didn’t seem like a possibility.  But God provided.

A friend of a friend was living in a house in Juja and was moving out just as our little break was ending.  It was perfect.  Just a couple of kilometers away from the school with an rent we could manage.  We met with the owners and they happened to have a couple extra bikes they brought us so we were able to get back and forth to the school.

The school had 3 teachers, and 4 classrooms.  So when I arrived, it was perfect to hand over the extra classroom to me, and fill it up with some struggling student.  It was perfect.

And just as our time was coming to a close, the leaders of Happy Life asked us to come back to the city.  They would cover our accommodations if we could help with a few things on the business side.  And though we definitely didn’t want to leave our Juja home, we knew we needed internet to finish up our photography rebrand.  We wanted to be able to travel a bit more, and see things and people we hadn’t yet been able to.  And living hours away in Juja would make that extremely difficult.  So we moved back to the city, and though we missed Juja.. It was perfect.

There were so many things we wanted to do and so many thing we felt may be impossible, but throughout our time, God was so faithful.  Who would have thought we’d find a house in the middle of nowhere to rent? Or that we’d have not one, but THREE small missions ask us to help create a website to give us a much needed break from our amazing, yet exhausting, work with the children?  Who would have thought we’d have opportunities to travel and still be able to pay our bills!?  Definitely not us.  But God did, and we are so thankful.


Come back to the blog to follow along with some more of our recaps from Kenya!  Be blessed xo


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