Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Engagement

So today we are sharing a really fun engagement session. We just got back new York. We travel to the city to photography sunrise Brooklyn Bridge engagement session with Ashley and Mike. And it was so fun. 

It was a bucket list shoot. It felt bucket list by the sheer number of other engagement sessions and photographers that were shooting there while we were there as well.

Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session

We did a sunrise session on the Brooklyn Bridge and then shot the rest of the time down in DUMBO. 

It’s the first time we shot in New York City and the first time we have been back since high 2006. After high school we took a road trip and one of our stops was NYC. 

We have so many good memories now from New York. Originally, we were a little worried things wouldn’t be “open”, but it was.  We were able to go to restaurants and stuff and it was great. 

Ashley and Mike took us around their neck of the woods a bit. And we were even able to grab coffee afterwards. 

Mike wore a jacket – and changed shoes.  Shoes are so important for an engagement session outfit!  Shoes make the whole outfit look nicer and like everyone is more put together.  So good job, Mike. 

Destination Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session

Ashley & Mike are such a sweet couple. They actually live in the city and have lived here for years. They are getting married here in Virginia but really wanted to do their engagement session in New York City. I think Ashley had really hoped they could have gotten married in the city.  

But we travel up north quite a bit, so we thought we would be able to figure out a time we would be up there. And it worked out perfectly. My sister and brother-in-law met us in the city and took care of our son Niles while we did our sunrise session at the Brooklyn Bridge.

There were a lot of people there.  So it was a bit of a challenge trying to frame things well, but it worked out well! 

DUMBO NYC Engagement Session

I love the Brooklyn Bridge shots.. but I REALLY love the ones where we went around DUMBO. They took us to pier and cracked open a bottle of champagne, which was so fun! And we enjoyed some with them. They brought for champagne flutes which was so sweet and obviously we weren’t able to turn down champagne (even at 7 o’clock in the morning).

And that was right next to this big carousel (Jane’s Carousel) that was all glassed in.  And I thought those were so fun – and her dress was so fitting for the carousel.  We went to a little ice cream shop next too, and it just fit perfectly. 

I asked Ashley if they wanted to use some of the greenery from a nearby park. But she said “no, we’re in the city, let’s use the city” and I loved that.  So we were able to just kind of explore. 

Ashley and Mike, thank you so much for taking us around your city. We had so much fun.

Enjoy a few of our many, many favorites. Congrats you guys! 


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