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Billy & Ellen | Mini Session

You may remember these two from their gorgeous rooftop Richmond proposal session.  Billy did SUCH a good job with his proposal… we love a good proposal..  Anywaysss these two took advantage of our end of the year mini sessions and we took advantage of them by scheduling them on the same day as the Williamsburg Grand Illumination.  Whoops!  They had to battle quite the crowd to park.. but as it turns out the downtown Williamsburg/Historic Williamsburg area is big enough for everyone.. we found plenty of beautiful spots without having to battle the huge crowds of people who had flooded in for the Grand Illumination.  AND we found fall leaves!!!.. even so far into the winter.  Williamsburg does fall right… it’s one of our favorite spots to shoot portraits/engagements because it’s always stunning and has the most gorgeous display of fall leaves.  That.. and it makes a great meeting point when our clients are coming from Richmond, like Billy and Ellen did.  Here are just a few of our favorites from their very short session..


Can you believe we took all these in a MINI session!?  I mean, Billy and Ellen are insanely photogenic.. but still.  The great thing about a mini session is that it’s short and less expensive, but you still get some great pictures of you and your family.  And though you get considerably less images with a mini session compared to a full portrait session, most people only want a couple nice pictures of the family to update frames in the home, or send out to loved ones.  To be honest, we don’t typically offer mini sessions, but we had so much fun with them at the end of the year, we might start offering them more often.. what do you think?

Think these two are as adorable as we do?  Check out there Richmond rooftop proposal session here.


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