Behind the Scenes | 2017

Michael and I are SOOO not good at remembering to take behind the scenes pictures during a wedding day.. but we are getting better at it..  We tend to (hopefully understandably..) get wrapped up in the wedding day.. and our bride and groom.. and not do an awesome job of taking pictures of ourselves.. which is why so many of our wedding days start out with us insta-storying in the car on the way to the wedding with us promising we will update you throughout the day.. and then ending with us in the car again.. usually dancing because we didn’t get to dance during the reception and we’re jealous.. and apologizing for not insta-storying throughout the day..

Maybe we will be better about it this year?  ehhh.. probably not..

Luckily we tend to get in each other’s way.. so here are a few of us doing the thing we love most.. serving our clients on their happiest day.. and making complete fools of ourselves..



Every wedding you can find Michael doing something other than taking picture… like moving florals for the ceremony..


mixing a salad.. ?


Or moving chairs in the pouring rain..


Or karate… apparently..


Alex.. being an AMAZING third shooter..


I wish I could explain to you what this is about..


Shooting details in comfy clothes might have been my favorite part of 2017.. haha



I told you we get in the way a lot…


We spend a lot of our day fluffing dresses…



I call these next few “why we have back problems”..


Liked that?  Check out our 2016 behind the scenes post here.


  1. Caitlin Pierce

    January 11th, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Y’all are incredible!! Love all the photos!! You two make an unstoppable team!! Wishing you all the best in 2018!

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