Waverly Estate Fall Wedding

Today we are sharing Kendall and Zack’s Waverly Estate fall wedding.

It was an absolutely perfect fall day. The weather was insane the trees were in peak color. Kendall’s dress was swoon worthy, her cathedral veil was incredible with floral details, it was a dream. 

Leaves are underrated. Even on wedding dresses. If I can get more of a couples to wear sleeves even if they just did it for all of their engagement sessions. I just think people would be feeling so much better. They’re beautiful.

Dress was gorgeous she said that it reminded her of Jenny from Forrest Gump. Her and her dad actually walked down the aisle to a Forrest Gump song it’s one of their favorite movies and so that was so sweet.

Waverly Estate wedding

Waverly in general is just a wonderful place to shoot. The people who work there are just phenomenal. We always warn our clients against using vendor coordinators. We really encourage them to hire planners for themselves. So often venue coordinators just have the venues interest in mind while planners that you hire have your best interest in mind. But at Waverly it really just feels like they are both. The people who are there to help you with your wedding day go above and beyond so they’re couples feel so well taken care of. 

Waverly Estate is like an old historic house. And they have this new reception space that they’ve built that’s sort of like a tent sort of like a greenhouse. It has a set floor and roof but then the sides can fully open up.

Kendall and Zach didn’t do a first look but they did plan their ceremony around sunset. The tricky thing with that is that you can start running out of sunlight but they did such a good job sticking to their timeline. They made sure to give us time earlier in the day so that we were able to knock out all of the shots that we needed. Meaning that after the ceremony we could really focus on portraits of the two of them in gorgeous light.

Even though we felt like we were gonna be really tight on time we had plenty of time with the two of them. We obviously could’ve taken longer because they are such an adorable couple. But we got everything we needed in terms of portraits before the sunset.

Veteran’s Day wedding

Kendall and her dad had the sweetest relationship.  She had such a great relationship with her mom too.  The whole day everyone was crying.  It was so sweet, Zack’s mom would cry for the moments with Kendall’s family, and Kendall’s parents would cry for Zack’s moment. It was such a family oriented day. 

Other unique thing about this day is that it was Veterans Day. They intentionally chose this for their wedding day because Kendall’s grandfather is a veteran and they wanted to be able to set aside some things to honor him and really make his presence feel known. So they had a chair set aside for him, they had a full table set up with some memorial items. And did different things throughout the day to honor him.

After the ceremony they just had the best dance party. I felt like people were just on the dance floor the whole night having such a good time. No matter what the song was, the dance floor was packed. 

I loved so many parts of this day. Enjoy some of our many many favorites from this Waverly Estate fall wedding. 

Congrats you guys!

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