Walkerton Tavern Wedding

Today we are sharing Kristen and Peters Walkerton Tavern Wedding. They just got married at the Walkerton Tavern in Richmond. It’s in the Glen Allen area, just beside the Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen.  Both of which host events. 

It is a beautiful historic home. And absolutely amazing when you have the weather like Kristen and Peter had. It was the most beautiful day and really made this venue so perfect. They have their ceremony just outside the house with their cocktail hour under a large pavilion and the reception in a tent.

The venue has a bridal suite and the guys actually can get ready inside the tavern. Kristen and Peter weren’t really interested in the beginning of the day. They both came pretty ready. Peter was fully dressed and ready to go. Kristen had her hair and make up done and just really quickly got into her dress once she arrived.

Then we went straight into what was important to them. So we did the first look, photos with her bridal party, and family. Then they had their ceremony and we were totally done with photos. From there we really just capture things as they were happening because it was really important to Kristen and Peter to just spend a lot of time with her guests rather than time taking photos.

A lot of people came from out of town. So they really just wanted to be able to spend time with them. So we took all of their photos before the ceremony before guests arrived. 

Walkerton Tavern Wedding Ceremony

After their ceremony they actually did the normal recessional outside of their ceremony space. They hugged their bridal party and then Kristen got bustled before the two of them actually walked back to the ceremony space and individually released guests to cocktail hour. So they used that time to be able to hug and greet and talk to every single one of their guests. Definitely a very unique idea and was really fun. Michael photographed people as they were chatting and just got all the candids, while I stood at the back and grabbed a quick picture of pretty much all their guests before they walked over to grab an appetizer or whatever. 

What I really liked from their ceremony is that they incorporated two pastors.  First Peter’s old pastor from his childhood did the message, then their officiant took over to marry them (do vows and rings, etc.). 

Wedding Toasts

They actually had four toasts.  Both of her sisters gave a toast, then Peter’s two best men gave their toasts.  Everyone did such a good job, it was all so sweet.  But one of Peter’s best men said in the beginning of his toast that he knew people wanted one of two things. They either wanted to get to know Peter a little bit better and hear sweet stories about him. Or they already knew Peter and they just wanted to see some embarrassing moments from him. 

So he gave the first part of his toast which was really sweet and we actually thought he was finished until he pulled out large QR codes for the groomsmen to walk around with. Everyone scanned the QR code and it pulled up a slideshow of photos of Peter. It was one of the most unique things we’ve seen as a part of the speech and it was such a clever idea. 

It was a beautiful night and a wonderful party with such lovely people. We’re so excited to share. Enjoy a few of our many favorites from this Walkerton Tavern Wedding. 

Congrats you guys! 

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