Stone Brewing Maymont Richmond Engagement

Today we are sharing Gemma and Justin’s Stone Brewing Maymont Richmond Engagement session that we just got here in Richmond. We started off at Stone brewing (tasting room downtown) and finished up at Maymont Park. 

Listen most people start off their engagement session pretty nervous. Having your pictures taken is uncomfortable for almost everyone including us. If you are feeling this way starting off at a brewery is such a good and fun idea. They came a little bit early and grabbed a beer. We started off with sort of like a lifestyle session of them just hanging out and drinking before really kicking off their session.

Honestly if you decide to do this invite us to come early and will share a beer with you. We would love to! 

Starting off and it really casual way was so perfect for these two. Also Stone has a beautiful outdoor space that made it really easy to take pictures. Also, going on a weekday made it so that we pretty much had the whole space to ourselves. 

Gemma and Justin actually drove down from Ohio for the session. They were able to tack on seeing family which is nice – but they wanted to do their Stone Brewing Maymont Richmond Engagement. 

They are both ER doctors, so they are incredible.  Honestly I feel like I’ve been saying this for so many of our engagement sessions this year. But I kind of wanna be best friends with them. They were so easy and fun to hang out with. And really just felt like our people.

Also never apologize for an awkward laugh during your engagement session. We love it when our couples just interact with each other and bust out in laughter. It makes for the most adorable pictures. And Gemma was doing this like the whole time.

So after hanging out at Stone for a bit, we made our way to Maymont park. We ended up being there for probably less than an hour so we didn’t venture too far into the park and just hit a couple of our favorite spots. We started in the Italian Rose garden, did the beautiful stone walkway, and ended at the fountain.

And finished right at closing. We had to open the gate to let ourselves out. But it worked out perfectly and we got the glowy perfect light. 

We are so excited for the wedding at the Barns of Kanak.  A little bummed that we have to wait like a year to see them again, but it’s going to be amazing. 

Enjoy a few of our many favorites from this Stone Brewing Maymont Richmond Engagement session. 

Congrats you guys! 


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