CCV Richmond Virginia wedding

Today we are sharing Brenna + Carsten’s Country Club of Virginia, CCV Richmond Virginia wedding day. 

We love these two so, so much.  They are absolutely the most wonderful clients and people we could ever wish for.  I could say how much we love and adore these two, and their family and friends, forever. 

It was such an honor and pleasure to be there to celebrate with them and capture them. 

We met them at CCV for details and getting ready before headed to St. James’s Episcopal church for their ceremony.  They actually came full dress and ready, we just did a few images of their final touches. 

We got there and immediately were able to grab their details from the planner – which is so smart and you should definitely do! 

They also really planned out which images were important to them and focused on building their timeline around that. We still were able to capture some final touch ups for a few of those “getting ready” images. 

They also FULLY planned their timeline around the sunset.  We did 99% of their portraits before the ceremony. We did first looks with their parents, each other, their bridal party, and all their portraits before the ceremony. That way we snapped 3 extended family combinations before just spending the rest of the night at the party. 

Their band by the way… amazing. Loved them so much.  

They set up their reception to be such a good party. They did their introductions and all their important events grouped together so you don’t have to stop the dance party. Then at their band’s breaks, they did all the other things they wanted to do – like group pictures with friends. 

I loved listening to the toasts on this wedding day.  And just having confirmation that they really are the most fabulous people on earth. 

The three things you should steal from Brenna and Carsten 

1 – plan your timeline around your sunset. 

Think through the parts of the day that are most important to you, and give time to those parts of the day.  Talk it through with your photographer and see how you can make it happen.  For them, those getting ready pictures just went as important so we figured out how to use that to maximize other parts of the day.  

I also loved that scheduled time to take all their immediate family combinations before the ceremony.  That way we literally only took 3 family pictures after the ceremony.  AND they made sure that all their family knew where to be and what to do. 

2 – Preplanned after party 

They decided to go to the Tobacco company after the wedding and it was clear that everyone knew that.  They also had the trolley to take their full bridal party. 

HIRE THE TROLLY. If you’re getting ready in Richmond, get the trolley.  It’s so fun and Richmondy- and makes such practical sense. 

3 – Cookies for dessert 

After they cut the cake, they brought out cookie cakes for dessert.  They were SO good.  And most importantly, portable. If you want to have the party continue, make sure your dessert is easy to grab and dance with.  They had them on a table and passed around so you never had to leave the dance floor. 

They also had late night snacks that were passed and super easy to grab and keep dancing. 

We love these two SO, so much. 

Enjoy some of our many favorites from these amazing people’s CCV Richmond Virginia wedding day. 

Congratulation Brenna and Carsten – we love you. 

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