Richmond Family Farm Wedding

Today we are sharing Zoe and Chase’s Richmond Family Farm Wedding day. They just got married in the south side of Richmond on a family property.

This property was set in the middle of some large farm area.  Their neighbors have a really large space with a guest house where the guys ended up getting ready at.  

This was an awesome set up because the guys and girls each had their own space while still being right where they needed to be. But there wasn’t any fear of running into each other. 

We also used this property for pretty much all of their portraits.  What was really great about this was there were open areas, a large lake, and fields which made it really nice for pictures. 

Rainy Richmond Wedding day

It was especially nice when dark clouds roll in and you’re caught in the middle of a huge storm. 

Which happened.  They ended up having a ton of rain on their wedding day.  But they are another good example of how having a good attitude can make all the difference.  They still took their portraits outside and just rolled with the punches – all while having a great attitude. Which I feel like is what’s needed when you’re hit with something upsetting on your wedding day. 

Zoe actually wore her mother in law’s dress.  So she had plenty of reason to be worried about her dress, but they both had good perspective about everything.  Knowing they could get the dress cleaned and that portraits were important to them. 

We actually had one of our shortest portrait times of the year with them so that they could get out of the rain and onto the party. 

Richmond Family Farm Wedding ideas

Three things you should steal from Zoe and Chase.. 

1 – Think through transportation. 

They had limited parking at their wedding space, so while they had plenty of parking for the bridal party and family, they definitely needed extra space for all their guests.  They rented a shuttle bus and had a friend drive people to their home for the wedding.  

Most importantly, just think through how your guests, how your family and bridal party, and especially how you are getting to and from everywhere you need to be on the wedding day. 

2 – Flower Guys 

We’ve seen this at a wedding before, but this was the best we’ve seen yet. They had two friends/family members walk down the aisle (very dramatically) with flower petals and beer to hand out while they walked down the aisle.  They had galvanized tins hanging around their necks that were monogramed and so cute. 

Definitely think through picking someone with the right personality.  And definitely have them throw petals while handing out the drinks.  It was hysterical and such a fun moment for everyone. 

3 – Honor loved ones who have passed 

At the end of the ceremony they honored Chase’s dad with a toast at the end of the ceremony.  All the bridal party took out a drink and cheers to Chase’s dad. It was such a sweet moment and nice way to honor those that couldn’t be there. 

We’ve also seen having the first dance be a song that he really loved and remembering and loving those who have passed in that way. 

They are both great ways to love and honor those that can’t be there. 

It was all so fun and so laid back, just like these two. 

Enjoy some of our favorites from their Richmond Family Farm Wedding. 

Congratulations you two! 


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