Tredegar Riverfront Richmond wedding

Today we are sharing Cassi and Matthew’s Foundry at Tredegar Riverfront Richmond wedding day. 

We’ve been to try to go pretty frequently and I feel like this is the first time we’ve been there where we didn’t have terrible weather or something crazy going on. It was a really exciting calm and happy and joyful day.

Bryce was their incredible planner – he is always such a joy to work with!  It was so exciting to be able to work with him on such a nice day because it’s been rain and extreme heat and all kinds of crazy things for all our other weddings together. 

Tredegar Riverfront Richmond wedding

So actually there was a concert going on at Brown’s Island that day. There was a little bit of rap music playing for their processional at their ceremony. But then once their ceremony started all the music stopped and there was a huge lull. Turns out one of her bridesmaids husband had walked over there and asked them pause for the ceremony and they actually did! So huge shout out to them that was amazing.

I could say so many things I just absolutely love about Cassi and Matthew. But let me just share with you how they met. Cassi was working at Foo Dog which is actually where they decided to have their rehearsal dinner. I love that they decided that. But Matthew came in and was a patron. At the end of the night Cassi wrote down his name off of the credit card he used so that she could go look him up. And Matthew did the same thing using her name that was on the receipt that he received. So cute they both decided to do that!

Love story

Then on their first date Cassi casually mention that she loves movie theater popcorn. And so for their second at home movie night date Matthew actually went to the bowtie theater and bought movie theater popcorn so that she could have it for their movie at home. It was such a sweet move that after the date Cassi called her best friend and said “I think I’m gonna marry this man”.

AND Matthew surprised Cassi at the wedding with renting a movie theater popcorn machine to have at their reception.  So adorable. 

I love that we walked into Matthew is getting ready for them and they were all watching soccer game. But not only that all the guys were wearing matching terrycloth robe’s. So cute bride’s always have this with bridesmaids – like a fun getting ready outfit – and I love that Matthew did the same.

Tredegar Richmond wedding first look

Their first look was absolutely amazing right outside of Tredegar. They decided to share private vows right after their first look before we started portraits which we always love when our couples decide to do that. And then we took portraits over where they actually were setting up for cocktail hour.

 A lot of times when we have couples at Tredegar, they use the front patio. But we loved it. They used the bluestone patio right outside of the main museum entrance for their cocktail hour. It was a beautiful spot and such a fun way to use the entire space of your venue.

They had such a fun reception with an amazing DJ.  We’ve had so many good DJs this fall.  I also loved all the toasts from this day.  Her dad did a really sweet welcome toast as did her maid of honor and Matthew’s best man.  I also LOVED they they did a thank you toast.  It’s always think it’s nice when a bride and groom say a quick thank you to their guests. 

Matthew decided to do a first dance with a ton of special people in his lives.  It was a really sweet moment and they used it to kick off their dance party. 

Three things to steal from this Tredegar Riverfront Richmond wedding : 

Shots with your bridesmaids before the ceremony

We always create a gap between the end of portrait time and your ceremony. This is a great time for us to be able to go get detail shots.  It’s also time for you to be able to sit have a drink, do make up touchs, or just decompress as you get ready to walk down the aisle. I loved that Cassie’s bridesmaids were ready with airplane bottle shots for them to take together right before the ceremony.

A Vow box

Cassi and Matt took the vowels that the read to each other after their first look and put it in a box during their ceremony. They are going to take that box out every year to read their vows to each other each anniversary. I think it’s such a sweet sort of “unity ceremony” to add in. But also such a good idea of something to do every year on your anniversary.

Custom Converse Hightops + Socks

Cassie got custom converse high top sneakers to wear during the reception embroidered with her new name and wedding date. They were so cute and such a practical and fun detail. I went to go take a picture of them and Matthew asked if he should come in with his socks. He had socks made with Cassi’s face and their dogs face plastered all over them. They were both such a cute detail and I absolutely loved it!

Scroll below to see so many of our favorites from this Foundry at Tredegar Richmond wedding day. 

Congratulations y’all! 

The Creative Team – Tredegar Riverfront Richmond wedding

VENUE | Tredegar Iron Works
PLANNER/COORDINATOR | Bryce Carson, Roberts and Co.
CATERER | Easley Food Group
FLORIST | Black Creek Flowers
BAKERY | Frostings
DJ | Bunn DJ Company
HAIR & MAKEUP | Radiant Reflections
VIDEOGRAPHER | The Starlight Collective
SUITS | Black Tux
OFFICIANT | Ceremonies by Mandy
RENTALS | Party Perfect

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