Country Club of Virginia Wedding


Today we get to share a Country Club of Virginia wedding. Saying that makes me feel very fancy. We definitely do not belong at the country club of Virginia but it was such a pleasure to be there for Ashton and Clay’s beautiful wedding day.

They got married at a church down the street but most of the day was spent at the Country Club of Virginia which is an amazing location. A beautiful wedding venue in Richmond.

It is insanely pretty. Everywhere you look, every door you open, is just stunning.

Country Club of Virginia Wedding – bridal suite

The girls actually got ready at CCV.  Which means that we were able to take all of the detail pictures in the bridal suite upstairs at CCV which was so beautiful. It just had the most gorgeous touches. The wallpaper, the benches, the couch, the mirrors were all so pretty. So it was such a fun space to be able to use for detail pictures.

I think that it is my new favorite dress picture. The wallpaper and the mirror.. it was all just timeless. 

Ashton’s dress was gorgeous too. It was simple clean classic white. And it had a gorgeous opening on the side, but she also was so casual in it and felt so comfortable. Her hair was in a double ponytail and her dress had pockets. It just seemed like she was able to feel like herself on her wedding day. Which I just think it’s so wonderful for a bride on their wedding day. 

I think when planning a wedding you can get caught up in what things are supposed to look like and what you’re supposed to do and it seems like Ashton really didn’t have that problem.

Yes. A testament to that is that she bought her wedding dress the day after she got engaged. She saw it she liked it it was named the Ashton so she went ahead and got it.

Richmond wedding trolley to St. Mary’s

So the girls got ready there, and then got on the trolley. Which is one of my favorite details. If you are getting married in Richmond or just a city and need transportation on the wedding day, I think having a trolley is such a beautiful classic touch.

So they got ready got on the trolley and headed to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. It was just down the street and a beautiful church. But then also it’s where her parents got married which I just think it’s such a sweet way to make your day so much more special. Your mom sent me a picture of them on their wedding day that we kind of re-created with Ashton and Clay and I just think it’s so fun that they have that now.

Unfortunately, there was a mask mandate at the church and she didn’t want to have to walk down the aisle in a mask, and because you can never predict the weather they had their ceremony under a tent. 

The property at St. Mary’s is so gorgeous so we took all of their family portraits there and some of them before leaving to go back to CCV. Then at the Country Club of Virginia we did big bridal party shots and a few more of the two of them. 

Country Club of Virginia Wedding reception

They were definitely more interested in making sure that everyone had a good time and not necessarily spending a ton of time taking pictures of just the two of them. So, we had just a little bit of time right at sunset to get their portraits done before the party started.

We were able to work with the amazing staff at CCV. Amber who works there had everything so efficiently run. The band that they hired was so great. And then an amazing touch that they had at their session reception was a live painter. Her parents gifted her this person coming in painting the two of them as they shared their first dance. And finally, the florist who was actually a family friend did an amazing job and had so many gorgeous blooms filling the space.

One thing I really liked from the reception is that they didn’t make a big deal about introductions and everything, they just kind of went straight into their first dance. There was no announcement or having everyone gather around. 

I also looked at the reception that they didn’t have a sit down dinner. They had multiple food stations of finger foods where people could grab some thing and walk around and mingle.  I love the feel of those kinds of weddings and they did it in such an elegant way. 

Country Club of Virginia Wedding – classic car exit

Their exit was absolutely amazing. They left in an old 1953 Rolls Royce. But it only arrived like 10 minutes before they left so we didn’t get to take pictures with it really. 

Instead of doing a sparkler exit, they did a pedal throw which I thought was really fun. It’s always fun when couples choose a different and unique exit. This one was mostly amazing because of the car. 

Enjoy a few of our many favorites. Congrats Ashton and Clay!


The Vendor Team

Reception Venue | Country Club of Virginia, CCV

Ceremony Venue | St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 

Florist | Cathy Lee

Entertainment – Wedding Band | Soul Expression Band 

Invitations | Reeves Engraving 

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