Browns Island Tredegar Richmond Engagement

Today we are sharing Emily and Patrick’s Browns Island Tredegar Richmond engagement session that we shot here at Brown’s Island/Tredegar/the T-Pott bridge. 

This is the reason that I love this part of Richmond. We go there very regularly and shoot in this same part of Richmond all the time. But this session still felt so different than the last session we did there because there is so much variety in such a small space.

Brown’s Island

Brown’s Island next all this places we talked about but also you could go from there to the Canal walk and head towards downtown for a whole other level of variety. 

We didn’t pick a great starting spot for Emily and Patrick. We always start our engagement sessions with a little warm up where we teach some poses and chat a bit.  But we took him down by the Canal walk which was actually really beautiful. However, it was so popular! We had to move out of the sidewalk like 100 times for people biking or running through. 

But Emily and Patrick were so gracious with us and so sweet and patient. It was such a joy to photograph the two of them this entire session.

We met these two originally at Taylor and Bradley’s wedding that we shot last year. But it was so nice being able to spend the afternoon with them and get to know them a little bit better. 

I think we just need to figure out how to get into this group of people.  We are also shooting Taylor and Bradley’s sister and brother in-law.  And also Emily’s sister next year! 

Variety – Browns Island Tredegar Richmond Engagement

Emily and Pat actually live in Norfolk, but drove to Richmond for their engagement session. Because again we have so many wonderful spots here in Richmond to pick from. But they also met up with Taylor and Bradley after their session before heading back to Norfolk for a slice of cake at Shyndigz.  And I kinda wish I had invited myself to that.. haha

So we started in the Brown’s Island area and did some at the bridge and a stairwell area before doing their second half of their session where we typically would over at Tredegar and the T-Pott bridge.

Also really like going up the hill and try to go to kinda get a nice overview of the James River. So we went up there to do a little champagne pop with them before heading down to the bridge. This was especially fun because they have a tradition of collecting corks. They actually have the cork from their first date which is adorable. And now they have a cork from their engagement session!

Though they did keep the champagne in their hot car, so it did pop unexpectedly. And then popped again as we were walking.  Pro-tip.. if you’re doing a champagne pop, bring a cooler. 

Enjoy a few of our many favorites from Emily & Pat’s Browns Island Tredegar Richmond engagement session. Congrats you guys!

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