The Foundry Tredegar Richmond Wedding

Today we are showing Maggie and Layne’s The Foundry Tredegar Richmond wedding that we shot this past weekend here next to Browns Island and Belle Isle at the Foundry at Tredegar.  It’s a beautiful wedding venue right at the Belle Isle, Brown’s Island area on the James River.  

The American Civil War Museum is next door, but is a totally different building. 

It’s a large brick space, with beautiful historic touches. 

This wedding was the same weekend as River Rock, which is a huge festival here in Richmond.  Hundreds.. thousands of people flood to this area – so it was crazy to have a wedding in the midst of it. 

Bryce Carson – The Foundry Tredegar Richmond Wedding

This is why you need a wedding planner.  Bryce Carson, who is so amazing, actually was able to arrange for a silent period during River Rock so their ceremony wasn’t interrupted. 

We always say a planner is a good idea, but for this wedding, a planner was so necessary. 

When we shoot at Tredegar, often our couples get ready at the Delta hotel which is just a couple blocks away.  And for this wedding, the bride and groom were on the same floor – which as SO convenient.  We were able to run back and forth, and so was their videographer. So that made is so much easier on us. 

Maggie also had confetti poppers for all of her bridesmaids. It’s really popular to do a bridesmaids photo in cute robes are pajamas or whatever. These are always more fun when you add an extra element like champagne or matching cops or whatever. But I think confetti is my new favorite thanks to Maggie.

After they got ready they had on the trolley. A trolley is always a good idea when you have multiple locations in Richmond. It makes it so much easier on everyone. They did their first look at a private property so we won’t be sharing a ton of those. 

The Capitol Building

But then we hopped back on the trolley and went to The Capitol building for the majority of their portraits. We love the capital because it is a beautiful open park and also has a gorgeous white building. So it provides a ton of variety in a small space that is also centrally located in Richmond. 

Quick note, when shooting at the capitol it’s always a good idea to check it out beforehand.  It’s been under construction for a while, so you want to make sure you’ll have access to the areas you want to shoot. 

They had a beautiful ceremony indoors at the Foundry.  They had a friend officiate for them, which are always our favorite ceremonies. 

Their cocktail hour was so fun – the patio at Tredegar is so much fun. We also made a crafternoon for them for their cocktail hour – just a fun wedding DIY for them to be able to use. 

Then their reception was SO much fun.  Maggie and Layne surprised everyone with a huge choreographed dance. They committed to it so hard and it was amazing. 

Here’s what you should steal from this wedding: 

1 – Honor your parents 

Both sets of parents had really fun dances after being introduced.  But also, when Layne and his mom did their mother-son dance, they danced to the song that his parents danced to at their wedding.  So Layne’s dad came and cut in at the end.  Then this started off the dance party.  It was a great way to start the reception. 

2 – Indochino suit liners – The Foundry Tredegar Richmond Wedding

The groomsmen had custom suits made from Indochino.  Then Layne had all the guys pick custom liners and it was a really fun detail for the guys. 

3 – Opt for sunset photos and enjoy your cocktail hour 

Instead of having us take their just married portraits during cocktail hour, they got to enjoy their cocktail hour and chat with guests.  Then we pulled them at sunset (when the light is best) to take their portraits during the reception. 

This is also a great option during the summer when it may still be super hot during cocktail hour. 

Enjoy a few of our many, many favorites from their Foundry Tredegar Richmond wedding day! 


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